Kamis, 29 Juli 2010

Music is the Best Medicine

Today, a friend said I needed to stop and smell the roses. I appreciated her advice, because I used to listen to music when the world's noise got me down. Somehow, I had forgotten how important music is to soothe the savage beast.

When I was growing up, we didn't have i-Pods and cell phones that would hold a zillion songs. We had 33-1/2, 45 and 78 records with portable record players that held just a few songs. Even though our music wasn't stereo, quadraphonic, superduper track music and was scratchy and only mono, we still managed to rock out to Bill Hayley and the Comets, Elvis, The Everly Brothers, Ricky Nelson, and Chuck Berry , just to name a few.

My daughter used to say I was older than dirt, until I bought an i-Pod. Now I'm a cool and hip old guy. Well, tomorrow, I am going to start a four-day break from the world of novel writing and drive to Tucson and then Quartzsite listening to my i-Pod all the way. Of course, I won't be listening to '50s songs; I will be rockin out with The Eagles, Charlie Daniels, Linda Ronstadt, Eric Clapton, The Beatles, and some Willie just for fun.

Ah, yes....I'll be on the road again. Free to rock out while driving, not caring what the idiots in the car next to me think. They just don't know how to have fun!

I'm just saying,


Selasa, 27 Juli 2010

Dear, BP Chief, Tony Hayward

Grab this, you arrogant, lying sack of cow dung! But, make sure you leave some voltage for your replacement, Robert "The Dud" Dudley. As far as I am concerned, you are all oil baron bandits who are only interested in profits, and God help anyone who gets in your way.

You are not only responsible for the worlds worst oil spill, you are also guilty of the negligent homicides of the workers who died on the derrick that exploded.

We have had enough. Someone get a rope!

Write on,


Take a break

How about a Norman Rockwell break? Lord knows I need one. Got in trouble on Facebook today because I forgot to join a friend for conversation. Might not seem important, but I said I would be available and wasn't. That's not being friendly.

I thought when a body reached The Golden Age, things were supposed to quiet down? I remember when my parents reached that age, they slowed down. Of course, they didn't have Internet, only TV. I also remember they passed on before they should have.

Perhaps I should just take a short break and then get back to writing a sequel novel, daily blog, Twitter and Facebook updates, book signings and promotion duties, just to name a few. Like Mom always said, "Idle hands equal idle brains." She was a school marm. So, I assume typing on this keyboard makes me smarter.

Oh, well, break's over....back to work!

I'm just saying,


Senin, 26 Juli 2010

My life well spent

We are all born millionaires. Yes, that's correct, you heard me right. We all are born with a checking account that contains one million buckaroos to spend any way we see fit during our time on this planet.

Some spend their fortunes early in life, leaving loved ones grieving and sad about a life cut short through hard living with the pain and sorrow that is caused by the over indulgence of the pleasures of this world.

Some run out of life's money at the middle of life's path. Middle roaders, who tried to stay away from earth's abundant pleasures of the flesh, but in secret, reveled in the party.

And then there are those who spent wisely, and life's gift led them to old age. That Golden Time when you no longer know where you are, who is with you or where you are going. Life is simple now....you pee and other things in a bag. You can't hear, see or smell, even though you smell to others. You're pissed off everyday, all day and all night. What the hell happened? You didn't smoke, drink or do drugs. Never a cuss word left your lips.

You only judged others by their actions, which was easy because no one could live up to your standards, which left you without many friends or family who would put up with your constant complaining about them. Of course, you would never hang out with low lifes that laughed all the time while riding motorcycles, driving classic cars, flying in air machines, riding off-road vehicles, or indulging in water sports while riding on boats, wave runners, skis and such, just to name a few.

Fall in love and be hurt? Never! That kind of stuff is for weak people. Bunch of losers, that's what I say.

Perhaps you spent your money too wisely. Just perhaps you should have had some fun along the way, as long as it wasn't at the expence of others. Perhaps laughing is a great way to spend your money. Perhaps loving and, yes, even losing in love is also a great way to spend the money in your checking account.

It's never too late, you know. Spend the money you have left. Get on that Hover Round and do some figure eights. Get on the phone and call lost family and friends, and wish them well. Laugh until it hurts. If you're lucky, you too can skid into the grave, bruised, battered, gloriously beat up, laughing and shouting, My life was well spent. My life was well spent!

Write on,


Minggu, 25 Juli 2010

What's right about America?

This seven year old girl is what's right about America.

The men and women of our armed forces are what's right about America.

People who forfeit their lives to save another are what's right about America.

Men and women who fight forest fires are what's right about America.

Our first responders to emergencies are what's right about America.

People who save animals are what's right about America.

People who help save the environment are what's right about America.

People who teach our children are what's right about America.

People who teach about God are what's right about America.

People who love people are what right about America.

The Christmas spirit is what's right about America.

Hard work is what's right about America.

American spirit is what's right about America.

The list could be endless, but you get the picture. Let us never forget what's good and right about America and its people. We The People are what makes America the greatest country in the world!

Jumat, 23 Juli 2010

Scary indeed!

So you thought the evil twins were a scary duo in Evil in the Mirror? Ha, they are nothing compared to Otis Buford in Day Stalker! I admit, Clarence and Curtis killed with disgusting consequences for the women they attacked and cr.... Wait a minute, some of you may not have read the book yet! Don't want to give away too much.

All I can tell you is that, like the twins, Otis brings his own brand of horror to the women he meets. He is much less dramatic when he murders men. Otis is not alone in these diabolical deeds. He has a white powder accomplice named Peruvian Flake. The powerful cocaine has become Otis Buford, and Otis Buford has become cocaine. They are symbolic brothers in cold-blooded terror.

It's not just things that go bump in the night that scare us. Some things that go bump in the day can be even more terrifying!

I'm just saying,


Kamis, 22 Juli 2010

Write on, blogger

I thought it might be interesting to compile my first 132 posts into an e-Book. Why? I really don’t know, except maybe to help some folks out there in cyberland who want to learn how to blog. Not that I am an expert or know something other bloggers don’t. Instead, I feel it’s important for first time bloggers to understand that it’s your blog and if someone doesn’t like it, they don’t have to read it! That opens the doorway to originality, spontaneity and, best of all, honesty in your writing. My blogs are just that. Mine…and you get what you get.

It’s important to know that every time you blog, you are publishing a short essay about yourself and your personality. Always edit what you publish. If you cannot do that job like a professional, get someone who can. Every time I have published a post that wasn’t edited by my very capable wife, Sandy, there were multiple mistakes, and those mistakes will keep most from reading anything you write, no matter how good the subject matter is. Proofing is not nearly as important. Your ideas are your ideas! Let the marbles fall where they may.

Always remember that publishing means exactly that. You are literally publishing your work for the entire world to see. Over a billion people have the opportunity to see what you are writing. Not that many will see it, but it’s the principle that counts. Don’t let it hang out unless you are willing to defend your right to publish to the death, even though it’s called Freedom of Speech, and is protected by our Constitution.

I am not going to pretend that the technical aspects of blogging have been mastered, or that I also know who provides the best blog services. I only know that my blogs are on www.blogspot.com because it’s free and easy to use. That is a recommendation and fact all rolled into one. I didn’t even find Blog Spot on my own. My publisher said use it; so I use it. End of story….

Since this a blog within a blog book, I will post it for tomorrow. I’m not lazy, just trying to keep the bogs flowing on a daily basis. That was also recommended by my publisher. Yes, I too visualize him wearing black, holding chains in one hand, while cracking a whip in the other.

Write on,

Rabu, 21 Juli 2010

The King Lives!

I thought it interesting that a life size advertising statue of Elvis Presley was stolen from atop a Maryland restaurant recently and later found in a cemetery next to two angels that looked oddly familiar. Just for the fun of it, I Googled statue of Elvis and found this little ditty about an Elvis statue on Mars. Now my curiosity is really piqued. First, an Elvis statue in Maryland, and now one on Mars? Could there be a connection?

Further research revealed that the statue on Mars might be the one that is supposedly being refurbished in Memphis, Tennessee, but in reality it is also missing. There appears to be a definite connection and my research is pointing to only one culprit. The Greys! The resemblance of Greys to the two angels in the cemetery is uncanny.

I believe the Greys kidnapped Elvis in 1977 and now have plans to return him back to Earth virtually the same age as when he was abducted. The current rash of statue abductions and the supposed sightings of Elvis all over the world are very cleaver plots by the Greys to prepare us for the King's return. He, of course, has been transformed, through the magic of alien advanced technology, to the physical state of his 1968 comeback special....black leather and all.

The purpose of this event is a conspiracy between the Democrats and Greys to introduce Elvis as their candidate for Vice-President in 2012 to help bolster the sagging, and I mean sagging, poll numbers of the President.

Undoubtedly there will be a news blitz and a return concert in Hawaii first....

I believe this story about as much as I believe the Democrats will retain power in the Congress this November, and that President Obama will be re-elected in 2012.

I'm just saying,


Selasa, 20 Juli 2010

Beat myself up? NOT!

I just sent my second e-mail to Oprah, again asking her to review my new murder mystery novel, Evil in the Mirror. OK, this e-mail was more like begging and groveling, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. Does it bother me to prostitute myself trying to get a biggy to notice my book? Not really, I've prostituted myself for much less in my life.

After sending the e-mail and still feeling like a swamp-throwback, totally unrecognized author, I Googled myself just to see my name in print on the Web. I do that occasionally, just for a boost in morale. Did you know my book is available in India, Australia and the UK? No one else does either. I bet if I looked hard enough, I could find it in Canada too, or maybe Spain, or France or....who am I kidding, my book is like a message in a bottle floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

I know, being in a funk about it won't help. The upside is that I am having another book signing in Tucson, July 31 at Coco's Restaurant on north Oracle Road from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. I was advised by my publisher, even before I finished the book, that signing parties were not designed for making money. They were designed for the author's ego. Well, I certainly won't fall into that trap, I was thinking after I heard that news. Now my motto is, "The hell with making money, lead me to the book-signing party so I can feel some semblance of recognition for just a few short hours!"

Of course, my wonderful wife, Sandy, sees my self-flagellation, slaps me around for a minute or two, and then reminds me that billions of people on this planet can't even write their names, let alone a novel. "Practice what you preach, Mittster. Get up, dust yourself off, and get on with the sequel."

Yes, dear....


Senin, 19 Juli 2010

We have the power!

A friend from Facebook sent me a reply concerning yesterday's blog. I would like to share her message:

"I agree with all of that. I believe We the People will make a big change happen. But, those that are elected to serve need to realize they are Serving US. I get so very tired of all of the BS just to get voted in. But, I'm hoping and praying that this year and the next will be a big change in something that we all can look forward to. My Faith is what keeps me going."

I, in turn, responded with:

"I fear we cannot put any faith in most of our so-called "political leaders." Power, greed and special interest money have decayed the system to the point that their oath to our country has little meaning. The hope you seek will come from people just like you and me networking throughout the whole country to unite us all.

"The hope is to vote" every incumbent out of office, thus letting the establishment know in no uncertain terms that the jig is up. We are the knights in shining armor. We are the big change you seek. We the People, who are the benefactors of the Constitution of the United States of America, will bring HOPE back to America!"

I am convinced that my friend expressed the longing of all true Americans for the madness in out political system to stop. We can start that process when November arrives and the voting begins. One election will not do the trick. We must unite for every election from this point forward. Mushrooms? I think not. See you in November!

Write on,


Minggu, 18 Juli 2010

I'm Tired of a World Economy

There, I have said it. Let me say it again; I am sick and tired of a world economy! Now I feel better. The state of our country makes me realize that 67 is now the new 107. At least that's how old I feel thinking about the horrible economical/ecological mess we are in.

Where did all our jobs go? They went to other countries because we no longer buy our own products. The products we buy now come from those other countries! The next time you buy something, look to see where it came from. There will be only a slight chance the stamp will say: Made in the USA.

Enough sniveling....how do we fix it?

Don't look to governments for the fix. They think we are mushrooms living beneath their ivory towers. The high ones don't live in fear of not being able to feed their children. Well, guess again, mighty politicians. We The People still have voting power and now is the time to use it.

While continuing to tighten our belts, how about we do with less, but the less should have the stamp Made in the USA on it, or don't buy it! Can you imagine how quick American factories would have to gear up to meet the demand? It would be phenomenal. Companies like Wallymart would either have to start buying American or go out of business.

Still have your savings in the stock market? If you do, you really don't have any savings. All that money is controlled by the whims of greedy, cigar-smoking Wall Street thieves and bandits. All their money is controlled by fear and fear is the catalyst of crash. Get your cash out and run to precious metals like a raped banshee, which is what you are going to be if you leave your money in a stock market poised for total collapse. Besides, who wants to worry 24/7 that their savings will be gone by morning?

We all are driving less due to the high cost of fuel. Wouldn't it be great if we could just stop using oil and start using an alternative like hydrogen fuel cells? The only by-product is water. Talk about a green planet....No more oil leaks in our oceans or smog in our cities. Well, the oil companies and auto manufacturers are making sure the changeover is a slow process. It might happen if we live long enough to see it. In the meantime, because we are now buying only American, we will be able to afford alternative fuel cars that get much better mileage than the ones we are currently stuck with because we can't afford to change.

Yes, I too feel overwhelmed by the enormity of our problems. But, when all is said and done, Americans overcome adversity by becoming One in America. We can take one problem at a time and correct it. Then move on to the next. Today is a new day, and I for one promise my fellow Americans that when I go shopping, the product will say, Made in the USA! When I buy fuel, it will be produced in the USA, and when I buy a new car, it will also be Made in the USA!

Less can be great if it says, "Made in the USA!"

I'm just saying,


Kamis, 15 Juli 2010

A Writer's Dream

While at a recent book signing, a lady asked me how I managed to write a novel. Somehow, after having written a novel, I still feel like it's a dream, so the question caught me a bit by surprise. My reply was that I write in a dream-state, or what might be called "daydreaming." That's how I managed to write my first novel, Evil in the Mirror .

I suppose writing while daydreaming may not be unique. I myself have never asked that question of anybody in the past, so I really don't know how other authors write their books. I do know that if you can daydream, you can write. The better the daydreamer, the better the writer. Just a theory on my part, but this is my blog, so I can have theories.

If you talk to my life partner and wife, Sandy, I am sure she will concur. After all, the poor lady has to proof and edit my work. My fingers flash on the keyboard while I try to keep up with my dreaming. I visualize the scene and the words all at one time. Proper English and grammar are not part of the dream.

I think men could, and possibly do, write better than women. I know, the whole can of worms is now open! What I am saying makes sense if you remember how good men are at tuning women out during their daydreams and/or television watching. Think about it for a moment; women are not good at this exercise. Just another theory, but if women would practice ignoring men the same way men tune out women, there could be a women's literary bonanza!

This may sound crazy, but try practicing writing while daydreaming. This may be easier said than done because you were taught in school that daydreaming is a bad thing. Well, unlearn that right now. Daydreaming is a good thing! I prefer a keyboard using Microsoft Word, but if you don't own a computer, typewriter or touch type, you may want to try the old-fashioned way using paper and pen. What's important is that you try. Don't worry about mistakes in proper English or spelling. Get the thoughts down no matter what. It's the idea that is important, not the style or grammar. Hell, everyone knows I have no style, but I still wrote a real novel that people are actually buying and more importantly, reading.

Follow that dream takes on new meaning now. Don't worry about how much education you have or don't have. Don't worry about the teacher, way back when, who said you wont' amount to a hill of beans. Don't worry about all the pundits who say that writing a novel is impossible unless you have a Masters or PhD in literature. Less knowledge can definitely be better least you techno-nerd yourself into a boredom black hole. Most of all, forget what your parents said about your daydreaming....make 'em proud with your writings.

Write on,


Camping is for Kids

Camp supporter, Jane Seymour

My memories of camping as a kid stand out like fireworks on the Fourth of July, mom's apple pie and the American Flag. Every summer my brother and I looked forward to camping with other kids in the cool pines of Camp Cuyamaca in the Laguna Mountains of southern California.

While working for the The Phil W. Morris Company in Sedona, Arizona, I was fortunate enough to become involved with Camp Soaring Eagle, which is a camp program for children with life-threatening illnesses. The goal is to build a world class camp that would be sanctioned and supported by Paul Newman's Hole in the Wall Camp Foundation for seriously ill children.

The vision of building Camp Soaring Eagle in Sedona, Arizona, is alive and well, but needs public support. Only through donations from generous people like you can the dream become reality. Please help us build Camp Soaring Eagle for the kids who need it the most. Give these beautiful children the experience of a lifetime.

I'm just saying,


Selasa, 13 Juli 2010

The Fix

We must learn to fix things in today's economy! Even though these may be called Red Neck fixes, they all worked! Who says we can't be tough when we have to?

Write on,


Gun Control Has Killed Millions

What more do we need to know? History can be a great lesson only if we pay attention to the past actions of governments. When will we ever learn that guns don't kill people? Bad, bad men and women kill people!

Our forefathers knew what could happen and that's why the Constitution Of The United States of America exists. God knows, we need to be able to protect ourselves in today's world!

All Americans should have the right to protect life and property every day and night. During riots, the public is vulnerable to say the least. Always remember that if we lose our right to keep and bear arms, only the police and criminals will have guns....with us right in the middle!

Yes, I am a conservative and proud of it. It's time to stand up and be counted. It's time to take control of our country. It's time to vote out the left wing liberals in November! And, it's really time to speak out, no matter the political correctness!

I'm just saying,


Senin, 12 Juli 2010

I Want a Bumper Car!

Can you imagine just how wonderful our driving experience would be if we all drove these fantastic bumper cars? We would be smiling, laughing and enjoying our ride. When was the last time you saw a motorist smiling as they passed by? All I see are frowns from the clowns. My parents used to say people still smiled while driving in the 1940s, but that started to change in the 1950s.

In any case, I'm smiling every time I drive just to piss off the non-smiling grumpazoides. I sure do get strange glares from people. If they think I am totally crazy, they be right! Like the song says, You have to be crazy to keep from going insane.

I'm just saying,


Minggu, 11 Juli 2010

Chapel of the Holy Cross

There seems to be some confusion concerning the ending of my murder mystery novel, Evil in the Mirror.

While using the Chapel of the Holy Cross as a murder scene might be in bad taste, I meant no sacrilege toward the Catholic Church or its parishioners. You must admit, a more dramatic location would be hard to find.

The Atomic Christus inside the church that was used by one of the evil twins was not a figment of my warped imagination, folks. It was real! The urban legend about its removal and disposal is also true, inasmuch as the crucifix was removed and disappeared forever.

I saw the very controversial crucifix the first time when I was nineteen years old in 1962. The second time I viewed it was in 1973. It made a strong impression on me to say the least. Who could have guessed it would come alive again in my first novel.

As with all works of fiction, sometimes the line between what is real and unreal is blurred. Arizona was the perfect place for my novel to take place. The scenery is dramatic, as is its old west heritage. It's still a territory out there in some places and especially in 1968.

One more point; please don't forget that the book is fiction and don't shoot the messenger!

Write on,


Sabtu, 10 Juli 2010

Memories of a Harley Rider

Yes, I have been to Sturgis twice and both times were exciting and a rider's dreams come true. My wife and I went in 1999 from Michigan towing our 1975 Shovel because we didn't think it could make the trip. I rode to Sturgis again in 2003 with friends on my 2001 Road King from Lake Montezuma, Arizona.

My wife and I have had many shorter trips in Michigan, Oklahoma and Arizona. I have traveled Arizona, Colorado and Utah with family and friends. These trips were no less exciting than Sturgis!

Like many other riders who were in the construction industry, the recession caught up with me in early 2009. I was laid off and started looking for work all over the country, but alas...there was none.

I started writing my first novel, Evil in the Mirror ,while my wonderful wife kept the wolf from the door. The novel was published by Wheatmark and we are very excited about its prospects. In the meantime, I am writing the sequel called Day Stalker, and it too shows potential.

Unfortunately, I had to sell my Road King because promoting the book falls on the author. I'm not sniveling; there are many people who have lost much more. I'm just reminiscing about the wonderful times we had riding into the sunset. Not to worry, this nasty recession will pass and we will be riding again!

Write on,


Kamis, 08 Juli 2010

Small Town USA

I took this picture from our front porch a few years ago and it is a constant reminder of how lucky we are to live in Camp Verde, Arizona, the oldest settlement in the Verde Valley. It is the perfect place to write novels, enjoy our four dogs, evil parrot, and spend time with my wonderful wife.

It seems ironic to me that my identical twin brother and I were raised in a very small town in southern California, but in adulthood we migrated to large cities like Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona. I spent many years in the Los Angeles basin working construction with long commutes. Traffic, crime, smog and congestion were the norms. My brother now lives in Tucson and I visit occasionally so I can rush back to Camp Verde and thank God that this is where I live.

The moral of the story? Well, If you already live in Small Town USA, be thankful. If you live in the big city and like it, good for you. But, if you live in Big Town USA and hate it....I know a great place to live!

I'm just saying,


Rabu, 07 Juli 2010

Book Signing Party!

We had a very successful book signing at The Worm Book Store, Sedona, Arizona, July 3. The weather was great and we had fun in the sun selling books and getting to know total strangers. Some friends dropped by too, including, Mark Morris, from The Phil W. Morris Company. I had worked for Mark, and his dad, Phil, for ten years and I feel they were the best company I worked for in my 48' year construction career before becoming an author.

My daughter, Nissa, was on hand to buy a book. I know....she shouldn't have to pay, but she is so independent!

Julie Spector and some of her Harley riding buddies were on hand from Phoenix. It was great to see riders from the Valley of the Sun.

Phil Barbara, Maintenance Supervisor for the Bell Rock Inn, dropped by on his Harley. He already had purchased a book, but wanted to tease me because he knew I couldn't ride. What a friend....

Volunteers from Connections Equine Therapy Program showed up to buy signed books and receive a couple of free e-Books I published last year. It doesn't hurt to have an edge.

Pat Williams, a carpenter friend for years, arrived for a signed book and freebies. I kidded him by saying, "I didn't know dirt bag carpenters knew how to read?" He reminded me that I was also a carpenter by trade. Touche!

My wife and I (pictured with matching Evil in the Mirror T-shirts) want to thank our host, The Worm Book Store, for a great location. We left feeling good about the signing and headed home to Camp Verde and a late lunch celebration at Crusty's Pizza.

Write on,