Rabu, 31 Maret 2010

Meteorite Men Twitter!

It's a simple thing...I woke up early this morning to find Geoffrey and Steve of the Meteorite Men program following me on Twitter. These two guys have forgotten more about meteorite hunting than I will ever know!

I am most impressed with their ability to suffer extremes of cold and heat while looking for the elusive meteorites. Trust me when I say, Arizona can be tough enough to knock the wind right out of your sails. The program about the Tucson area was real, believable and right on the button. It's hot and nasty, with enough deadly critters to make another Jurassic Park movie.

I would love to write a murder mystery about two meteorite hunters who find a dead body in the scorching desert, only to be hunted after they are spotted by the killer who is leaving the area. A bullet kicks up debris close to Steve's foot as the report from the large caliber rifle reaches the Meteorite Men's ears.


Would you stop to pick up a five pound meteorite if a crazed killer was stalking you? Knowing these guys...YES!

Selasa, 30 Maret 2010

Meteorites In Your Back Yard?

My identical evil twin brother and I use to prospect for gold in Colorado. We became disillusioned after many years of digging, diving in spring melt, freezing our booties off, and finding zilch.

I started visiting Quartzsite, Arizona about ten years ago and one of the first things I did was buy an expensive metal detector called a nugget shooter. Just the name fueled fantasy's of golden riches! No diving in cold water, just find the nuggets underground, dig them up and cash them in...easy, right? Wrong! The ground in Quartzsite closely resembles concrete. Digging just a little bit takes the effort of a younger man. Worse yet is the abundance of rock called, Rare Earth Rocks. Did I tell you they set off the metal detector, along with bullet casings, beer tops, tin foil and multitudes of other debris?

A couple months ago, I started watching Meteorite Men on the Science Channel. Man, these guys find big time riches every freaking time they go out! Even though my evil twin lived too far away to be helpful, I called him and explained how I was going to light the meteorite world on fire. He got all excited and wished he didn’t live so far away. No problemo, now I don’t have to share the wealth.

I followed all the instructions of the Meteorite Men…Rare Earth Magnets on the end of my walking stick and digging tool. A loop to look closely at the meteorite, tote bag, high top boots to ward off snakes, large water holder, sun glasses, sun screen and metal detector.

Now to try all this stuff out before going to the rugged Quartzsite area. I donned all my equipment and headed for my back yard in Camp Verde, Arizona. I wasn’t out five minutes before the metal detector just about jumped out of my hands. "What the hell is this all about?" I reached down with the walking stick magnet and whammy, the palm size, crusty, dark, funny looking rock slammed into the magnet with gusto.

My heart skipped a few beats and my vision got a little blurry, and all the while I was thinking; "Can this be real? Please, Lord, don’t let me have a heart attack if it is." Well, to make a long story shorter…it is real and I found my first meteorite. Since that first encounter I have not been able to repeat the success, but looking is half the fun, right? NO, finding is what it’s all about and I want more, more…more!

Senin, 29 Maret 2010

Spammers Suck!!

We all have forwarded e-mails thinking we are helping our family and friends. The truth is that sometimes we are only helping the spammers. As an author dependent on the Internet, it becomes a major chore to stay a step ahead of the ass wipe spammers. Click on the subject above and learn more about how to protect yourself and your circle of family, friends and business associates.

I depend on e-mail for communication with my publisher, sending notice cards and staying in touch with book buyers, just to mention just a few. I must admit to falling into the spam quicksand and thinking I might not ever escape the cesspool they create. Perhaps they should meet Sheriff Joe and spend some time in a Phoenix jail specially designed for spammer type people?

Personally, I say, "Get a rope!"


Minggu, 28 Maret 2010

Day Stalker

Here it is...an excerpt from my new novel. (This excerpt has not been edited.)

The ambulance made it to house before Nancy’s husband. The paramedics knew the woman lying naked of the bedroom floor was close to terminal. They stabilized Nancy and got her on the gurney just as Phil reached the front door. As he opened the screen door to let them out, he started asking many questions, which the paramedics politely ignored, while struggling to get their patient into the ambulance for the ride to the hospital.

Phil sat beside his wife during the trip to the hospital, while the paramedic ran an IV and injected some kind of fluid into the tube. Phil politely asked the man attending his wife if she would survive. The paramedic smiled and said, “I think so, sir. She is stable and the ER is ready with a doctor and team to take over as soon as we get there. We were very concerned when we first got to your house, but she has responded nicely to treatment. Loss of blood and shock were the culprits, but we got there in time and were able to deal with the situation.

The District Attorney had the good sense to make arrangements for a police unit to guard the house while he was at the hospital. The kids were due home soon, and he did not want them to see the bedroom. He knew they would be headed for the hospital as soon as they talked to the patrolman. A forensics team was also dispatched to the scene. This crime scene would be Jon and Manny’s first exposure to the Pock Faced Rapist.

Jon rode as fast as he could and still be safe to the foothills crime scene. As be approached the driveway, a patrolman put up his left hand for Jon to stop, while putting his right hand on his revolver grip and wondering why a biker would want to pull into this driveway. Jon stopped, put down the kickstand, took off his helmet and gloves, and dismounted while pulling his shield out of his hip pocket.
“Sorry, Sir, I didn't recognize you.”
“That’s OK, officer; I was at a rally when the call came in. I did not have time to go home and change clothes for this one.
“I understand, Sir. Your partner is in the house with forensics.”
“Thanks, can you watch the bike for me?”
“My pleasure, detective!”

The detective walked up to the house, lifted the warning tape, and entered through the open front door with his hands in his pockets. Since he didn’t have gloves on, this would ensure he did not touch anything by accident. Jon had been in the house before and knew his way around. He headed for the master bedroom and found the forensics team hard at work dusting for prints and taking pictures. Manny walked out of the master bath just as Jon walked in.
“Hey, partner, glad you could take time off from your partying to do some work.”
“I needed to get to the scene pronto to keep you from screwing up,” Jon replied with a grin.

Sally from forensics looked up at the detective decked out in his biker duds and snorted, “Looks like anyone can come to crime scenes now-a-days.”
Her partner, Ralph, also looked at Jon with mock disgust and replied,
“All we see in Tucson are biker and hippie trash. We can’t even do our job without rubbing shoulders with dirt bags!”
“If you two are finished with your bullshit, let’s get to work!” Jon replied as he was treated to mock salutes, as usual, by the team.
Manny started laughing as Jon started pulling on gloves he had deftly lifted from Sally’s equipment bag.
“Look, Ralph, he’s also a thief.”

Sabtu, 27 Maret 2010

Got The Winter Blues?

Here I am back in Quartzsite, Arizona to write, relax and do yard work at the motor home. God, I love this place. Other than no green, trees, ocean, bikinis, surfing, great places to eat, and young, beautiful people...this is the greatest place!

Mittster: The Insane

Jumat, 26 Maret 2010

The Service Sucks

For the second time this month, my Internet was down and this time it was for three days. As an author, I am totally dependent on e-mail and Web browsing for research.

Don't you just love calling service departments? I was put on the indefinite hold until the next technician would become available, only to wait a life time to have a recorded message come on informing me that my area was DOA. Why couldn't they just let me hear that recording when I punched in the code that tells them exactly what area I am in? Obviously, my time is not as valuable as theirs.

I did a study of my telephone service (which is Quest) and my television service (with is Direct TV), vs. my Internet service (which is Commspeed), and guess what folks? No comparison! I can't remember the last time my TV or phone went out.

You might say, "So change your Internet service." Now that's a thought...except everyone and their mother has my e-mail address, including all my Web sites. Spending days making the change doesn't appeal to me much, but I guess I may have to bite the bullet.

How about I pro-rate the days lost and deduct it from the service fee? Yeah, right...and watch my credit rating go in the toilet along with their service!

I know, no one likes a cry baby, but what the hell, this is my blog and I can cry if I want to.


Selasa, 23 Maret 2010

Book Marketing

I found the Website above while researching venues in which to sell my murder mystery, Evil in the Mirror. The book will be available at Amazon in June. My publisher, www.wheatmark.com/blog, prefers selling on the Web with less dependency on brick and mortar sales, but also encourage their authors to explore other opportunities to sell books.

My personal Mission Statement: "When it comes to promotion, I will leave no stone unturned and there is no mountain to high to climb. My book will be a best seller, because I have delivered the best possible product to the reader."

I take ownership of promotional duties. The more venues in which I present the book, the better chance it has to sell. Exposure is the key and the world is the lock. That is not to say that having book signing parties at every major book through out the country is smart advertising, because it isn't smart or cost effective. But, having book signing parties at locations where I am known is smart and cost effective.

Every time I find a new Website that has a different slant to selling books, it is like finding a meteorite while prospecting in the desert...exciting to say the least!

Of course, I like to pass these nuggets on to new writers like myself. I have an abundant mentality, unlike some scarcity mentalities I bump into from time to time.

Enjoy, and keep on writing!


Senin, 22 Maret 2010

Open letter to a friend trying to quit

I do understand dear Lady.

One day after 20 years of smoking, I realized that spending a fortune to feel like crap had to stop. I was so tired of waking up with a nicotine hangover! I simply put them down, walked away and smoked no more forever.

It was the toughest thing I ever did in my life and even though my marriage failed, my life did not! My ex has continued smoking to this day and her health is now failing even though she is not yet 55 years old.

All the literature say's that nicotine is just as addictive as opiates. No wonder it's so hard to quit! The tobacco companies hooked us and then left us alone to figure out how to quit. I had tried all the patches and pills, but to no avail.

Please do not be too hard on yourself though. Failure is just the precursor to success!!!! Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get on with YOUR life. This is YOUR life, but it is not a dress rehearsal. You only go around once. What you do today will dictate what your life will be like later.

I can't stand the thought of anyone having to lug a heavy air tank around in a wheel chair because they can't breathe, or having to deal with cancer or both!! I have lost loved ones to cancer and it is just horrible.

You are young, intelligent and beautiful. You do not have to give up even one of these attributes later in life if you will just stand up and be who you are! You do not need nicotine, alcohol or drugs to demonstrate your true nature. You are a "Spiritual Being having a human experience." You have all the tools to quit smoking or anything else that is hurting you.

Take a close look at my profile. What do you see? I am the example. I say this with modesty and humility. What you see is what you get when you tune into Devine Love and tune out all the crap that makes you hurt inside until you break down and cry!

Life is so wonderful. Am I sitting in a rocker waiting to die? No! I am going out kicking and screaming just like when I arrived. It comes down to choices you make now. Please write when you need support. I am here for you always.

Your Smoking Guardian Angel,

Mitt ():>)

Minggu, 21 Maret 2010

Politics As Usual?

I have come to the conclusion that 99.99% of all Internet chatter about politics is crap. After researching most of the spears and arrows being thrown toward the President of the United States of America, it has become evident that they are just copies of the same spears and arrows that were thrown at his predecessors down through history.

True, the state of the union is a mess, but the mess you see happens because politicians homestead offices meant for short term public servants, not long term public careers. Hello? We can control term limits at the polls!

Mid-term elections are coming soon. Put your mouse and keyboard where your mouth is and get out the message to VOTE. Stop throwing mud and start cleaning out Congress and the Senate by voting their blood sucking, corrupt, pampas butts out of our government. Vote in new, young talent and let term limits get rid of them before they too become greedy vampires feeding off the American public!!

I'm just saying...


Sabtu, 20 Maret 2010

Where is Quartzsite, Arizona?

I found the perfect place to relax and write in quiet solitude six months out of the year. January and February are a little hectic with over a million RV'ers around, but even that has it's charm. We have been going there for over nine years and my wife and I liked Quartzsite so much that we bought a lot and parked our motor home there permanently.

Early in the morning one can sit, sip coffee and watch doves, quail and rabbits feeding as the winter sun warms the chilly morning. The real draw is the sunny afternoons with nothing but blue skies and few clouds. Beats the hell out of northern Arizona in the winter. With the number of snowbirds there, it must be nicer than most places.

Is it for young people too? Not, and good riddance. The grey hairs rule!


Kamis, 18 Maret 2010

I Need A Break

I finished the final editing of my novel, Evil in the Mirror, and e-mailed it to the publisher this morning. My head is pounding and my butt hurts from sitting so long...so, I'm off to prospect for meteorites in the desert!

Have a nice day,


Rabu, 17 Maret 2010

So You Want To Be An Author?

Well, as promised, I finally got the suggested edits for my book Evil in the Mirror back from the publisher. And, as promised, no one said writing a novel was going to be easy! Oh, excuse me, I should not have used that exclamation mark after the word easy! Oh, crap, now I did it again...

Before I continue to rattle on, one thing is evident. Anyone who doesn't get their book professionally proofed and edited is an idiot (I was tempted to use the dreaded ! again). My first two small eBooks did not have the benefit of professional proofing or editing and they are beyond terrible. I finally pulled them off the Web. As for the boxes of eBooks in my garage, they will be given away for free at book signing parties for my novel. "You don't even have to buy my novel. Here, have two free eBooks.(tempted again)"

The moral to the story is simple...If you take the time to write it, take the time to have it proofed and edited by someone who does it for a living. Contact Kat Gautreaux at Wheatmark Publishing and she will lead you to someone who can do the job right the first time (God, please forgive me)!
You can reach Ms. Kat by clicking the title of this blog.

Questions? E-mail me at mittinc@commspeed.net

Don't agree with me? Then get off my site!!! There, I used them and it feels so good...

Selasa, 16 Maret 2010

A Trip Down Memory Lane

My old high school chum, Bob Thompson, sent me this e-mail today:

"I once knew a set of identical twins . WE rode Cushman scooters, swam and fished in Peckstien reservoir. cruised in a black SHOEBOX Ford that had flamed black and white tuck and roll, got BUSTED at the illegal Hourglass drags races out by Mirimar (Me- your POP- Walt and you.) I hope this is not a veiled biography of later days?????


Memories flooded into my mind like fine wine and warmed my sense's with youthful recollections of wonderful times gone by. Bob also attached great pictures of his current classic cars. He always had the neatest cars in high school!

We look forward to our 50th. high school reunion in 2011, so we can reminisce in person while dancing to rock and roll music and acting like teenagers again.

Would I go back? No, I like who I am and where I am at now. But, it is nice to remember the good times and take the mental time machine back to a gentler era when things were so simple and life was innocent.


Senin, 15 Maret 2010

A Woman's Perspective on Riding Motorcycles

I came across Randi Ronson's Web site on Twitter. Besides being a beautiful lady, she has a great site for anyone who wants to to learn how to ride a motorcycle. Let's face it, if you are planning to "get into the wind", you need to first learn how to keep out of the asphalt! I like Randi's approach and her product is fairly priced for today's market. Good luck, good riding and go for it!!


Sixth Borough Screenwriting Competition

Now here is something interesting for newbie screenwriters who want to get their chance at the big time. I would love to compete, if I only had a screenplay to submit. Got to write one first...I'm still researching "how to" all over the Web! Maybe next year??


Minggu, 14 Maret 2010

Just For Fun

Finally, a friend and I went on a Harley motorcycle ride to Phoenix yesterday. It's been a long, rainy and cold winter and the time was perfect to say, "Screw it, let's ride!" The weather was almost perfect...bright sun, clear, blue sky's and just a tad of cold, but tolerable wind.

We headed south on Interstate 17 from Sedona, Arizona with giant smiles and light hearts. With each mile behind us, tension, stress and worries vanished. I could imagine we were riding in Colorado, because all the mountain tops were covered in snow. A rarity for the high desert.

We stopped at Sunset Point rest stop and marveled at the vast vista before us that marked our path to the Valley of the Sun. We reached Buddy Stubbs Harley-Davidson just in time for a free lunch of scrumptious hot dogs, chili and chips. Man, they tasted good!

After drooling on all the new motorcycles, we saddled up and headed back up the mountain to our northern Arizona homes fantasizing about the August trip we would make to the high country of Colorado. Yesterday was just a precursor to some serious riding. Spring has sprung and life is good...

Sabtu, 13 Maret 2010

The Best in Hosting

OK, here is the real deal...

Super Green Hosting is just simply the very best of the best. My experience with them has been super! Unlike www.godaddy.com, SGH cares about their customers with the very best service available and they are GREEN to boot! I am not selling SGH, nor do I have a referral agreement. I just want to spread the word about a great company, doing great things...


I Want To Write a Screenplay

I found this site on Twitter. Unlike other pushy sites, this one actually has great information and a neat blog. It's also interesting and personable. I like it because there is information to be gleaned without enrolling in their classes. I still maintain that too much formal education taints your perspective and creative processes...sometimes less is truly more!


Jumat, 12 Maret 2010

Murder Mystery Script

My dear friend, Annie Taylor (who was also a fellow Escondido High School chum), recently asked me a simple question that took me by surprise. "Are you going to write the screenplay for Evil in the Mirror?" What the hell is that about? The book isn't even published yet and she wants me to write the screenplay?

Dear Annie,

My first novel is still in edit, and I don't know how to write a screenplay.


Dear Mitt,

As I recall, you didn't know how to write a novel either, but you did and it's being published because it is very good and you are a great story teller. I know that because of the two timing stories you told me when we were going steady in the eighth grade.

"Oh crap, she got me on that one! I think our going steady lasted a record two weeks."

In any case, I started thinking about the prospect of writing a screenplay and then trying to sell it to a Hollywood producer. IMPOSSIBLE, Mittster, just simply impossible, I thought to myself.

"That's it, I'm going to do it!!" Nothing is impossible...

My first challenge is to study up on screenplays, and then just write the damn thing. Failure? Maybe, but it won't be for the lack of trying.

Kamis, 11 Maret 2010


I admit losing contact with Bob and Rheta Thompson was regrettable after we were together at our 40th. high school class reunion. What a great time we had reminiscing about Escondido High School. After the shindig, Sandy and I retreated to Arizona and Bob and Rheta headed back to Oregon. It wasn't until I started looking through my abandoned Rolodex that their names popped out like ghosts from the past. Holy smoley...it had been over nine years!

I needed to let everyone I have known, will know, or could ever know, about my murder mystery Evil in the Mirror (www.murdermysteryevilinthemirror.com) being published in June, and that's how I was reunited with my old friends. Of course, my fear that one or both could be dead kept me from calling for a whole day, until I finally got up the courage to call. Come to find out, not only they were alive, but their parents were too!

I sent them all the information about the book, my wife and I, and my evil twin brother who lives in Tucson. Now they too wait with baited breath for the book's release. I wonder how many other old and lost friends I will find while promoting the book?

Life is good, even with guilt...

Rabu, 10 Maret 2010

My hero, George Carlin

Last Words is simply fantastic! I recommend everyone lay down a little cash and buy the damn thing. When you finish reading it, you can recycle to a friend for Christmas, thus recouping the cost...George would have wanted it that way!

Selasa, 09 Maret 2010

A Writers Paradise

While traveling light years into the Web, I found this delightful site.

It turned out to be a treasure trove of innovative ideas and books to help wanna-be authors, new authors and best selling authors. I managed to submit an excerpt from my book and it was published on their site, along with a good review by Melissa Westemeier. I must admit though, I didn't get "watch the passive voice." That's OK, I don't get allot of things...

It's well worth the visit to meet the girls...have fun!

Senin, 08 Maret 2010

Do you believe in fate?

Fate drew me to Wheatmark Publishing and fate, through Wheatmark, drew me to Kris Neri, co-owner of the Well Read Coyote: Books on the Rocks in Sedona, Arizona. I read Kris Neri's article (http://www.krisneri.com/) Authors Behaving Badly, on Wheatmark's blog (www.wheatmark.com/blog), but had no idea who Kris Neri was until I finished the article. I would like to state that the article was informative, right on target and selfish, rude authors should be spanked.

A day before I read the article, I had paid a visit to the Well Read Coyote seeking permission to have a local professional photographer take a couple of shots of me using the interior of the store as a backdrop. This picture and credit to the photographer (and the store) would appear on the back cover of my murder mystery novel Evil in the Mirror, being published by, none other than, Wheatmark Publishing and due to be released in May.

I was curtly rejected from taking pictures in "my store" after I mentioned the word Amazon "because they have done nothing for me." Please understand this was not the person who wrote the blog article. I can only assume it was the other co-owner. I was taken aback by the rudeness of this person, but politely said "thank you, anyway" and left the store with the local photographer, who was appalled.

I blame myself for failing to mention all the other places Wheatmark places books instead of mentioning the A word first. I find it interesting that the Neri blog puts down author rudeness with a hammer, but has little control over the same ugliness at their place of business.

Oh well, you can't win them all...I still liked the article and promise not to be one of those authors!

Minggu, 07 Maret 2010

Every Girl Has Her Limits

I had a very interesting conversation on Skype with Jolen Whitworth (who lives with her husband in England) early this morning. What this lady has done with her poetry and books is amazing. I would say that Jolen should be the model of getting your work published, no matter what country you live in!


I met Jolen on line a couple of years ago and discovered someone who also believes that teaching is the best way to learn. She handily taught me how to let criticism roll of my back, and that perseverance's is the key to success. This poet and author had nothing to gain and spent hours teaching me how to put my best foot forward and damn the torpedo's! What a gal...she is a selfless friend and mentor. I love her dearly and treasure her friendship.

Sabtu, 06 Maret 2010


I enjoyed my first Webinar recently. It was very informative and Wheatmark, Inc. put on a great one! I can use the recorded session as a very important research tool.

I also went to a free seminar by StoresOnline, Inc. yesterday and learned some new terminologies to look up online today. I ate the free lunch with gusto and failed to sigh up for the stuff that costs money. Oh, well...they can't win them all! I will say that they do provide a great range of services for the green, wanna be, sell online hope fulls . Mostly retired people who watched in horror as their savings had a melt down. I wish them all the very best!! My recommendation for StoresOnline? Try having some personnel there that have at least one grey hair.

Promotion Mission Statement:
"When it comes to promotion, I will leave no stone unturned and there is no mountain to high to climb. My book will be a best seller!!"

Jumat, 05 Maret 2010

Do you really need a proofer and editor?

What would I have done without Catherine Nobel in my book life? My first novel, Evil in the Mirror, needed to be proofed and edited. Thanks to my friend and high school classmate, Nancy Bradley, she led me to Catherine (Cat). Cat agreed to whip my novel into shape for a very fair sum of money. Of course, I had no idea what she had in mind, but let's face it, when you have no clue, lose the ego!

Dear Cat, I stand before you naked in my stupidity. I barely graduated high school, and the rest of my education is from the School of Hard Knocks - you can bet she was impressed with those credentials!

One of her first e-mail questions was if I had a Thesaurus. My response to her was simple, "No, I don't own one. That's why I hired an editor to make it all better. I thought a Thesaurus was a pre-historic dinosaur until you ruined it for me." It was at this point I think she might have been reconsidering her assignment, but since Cat is a schoolteacher, she took pity on me and continued with the challenge.

In the same email, Cat stated that my book was at the seventh-grade level and would appeal to many adults. What a coincidence! I graduated from high school with a seventh-grade education and then joined the ranks of construction workers who were undereducated and overpaid. As soon as the construction industry recovers from the current recession, there will be plenty of people to buy my book...

Even best selling authors have their books proofed and edited. Always have your work polished like a fine diamond if you intend to sell books!!

Kamis, 04 Maret 2010

Positioning your book for sales

Wheatmark Publishers presented a wonderful Webinar that helped me understand three things. The best places to position your book sales are AMAZON - FACEBOOK - TWITTER. Avoid MySpace at all costs. Not a problem, I don't have time for that site anyway.

Also the importance of researching your title was discussed at length. The best place to do that? You guessed it, the "hated amazon.com"! Amazon is very supportive of authors who want to research most media subjects. Also the importance of key words in your book title for Amazon was mentioned. My book Evil in the Mirror will now have a sub-title A Murder Mystery added. Murder mystery will be key words so Amazon searchers can find my book.

Another important point: Once your book is on Amazon, review every book in your category and give Amazon a five star review for each. This starts the process of getting your name recognized in the Amazon selling machine. Let's face it, they sell more books than anyone else on the planet!

Good luck fellow authors...

Rabu, 03 Maret 2010

An author's frustration

You would think after a year of study, trial, and error that my e-books would start selling. It is obvious that I made many mistakes concerning these books and their sites. It's only after writing my first novel that the mistakes have become transparent. It is absolutely imperative that if you are a first time writer with no book publishing experience that you seek professional help.

The Internet may not be the first place you should seek that help. I recommend the public library. It's inexpensive, easy and most importantly, it won't squeeze your wallet dry! Let's face it, the Internet is a scary place and for that reason, try the library first if you are not secure using the Net.

Tomorrow: The Funny Side of Authoring

Selasa, 02 Maret 2010

The excitement of having a book published!

I can't say enough about Wheatmark Publishing! From the very beginning, their attitude has been "Get er done!" Everything is out front and business like with humor splashed in keeping things light! I recommend Wheatmark highly for published authors and newbies alike.