Kamis, 22 Juli 2010

Write on, blogger

I thought it might be interesting to compile my first 132 posts into an e-Book. Why? I really don’t know, except maybe to help some folks out there in cyberland who want to learn how to blog. Not that I am an expert or know something other bloggers don’t. Instead, I feel it’s important for first time bloggers to understand that it’s your blog and if someone doesn’t like it, they don’t have to read it! That opens the doorway to originality, spontaneity and, best of all, honesty in your writing. My blogs are just that. Mine…and you get what you get.

It’s important to know that every time you blog, you are publishing a short essay about yourself and your personality. Always edit what you publish. If you cannot do that job like a professional, get someone who can. Every time I have published a post that wasn’t edited by my very capable wife, Sandy, there were multiple mistakes, and those mistakes will keep most from reading anything you write, no matter how good the subject matter is. Proofing is not nearly as important. Your ideas are your ideas! Let the marbles fall where they may.

Always remember that publishing means exactly that. You are literally publishing your work for the entire world to see. Over a billion people have the opportunity to see what you are writing. Not that many will see it, but it’s the principle that counts. Don’t let it hang out unless you are willing to defend your right to publish to the death, even though it’s called Freedom of Speech, and is protected by our Constitution.

I am not going to pretend that the technical aspects of blogging have been mastered, or that I also know who provides the best blog services. I only know that my blogs are on www.blogspot.com because it’s free and easy to use. That is a recommendation and fact all rolled into one. I didn’t even find Blog Spot on my own. My publisher said use it; so I use it. End of story….

Since this a blog within a blog book, I will post it for tomorrow. I’m not lazy, just trying to keep the bogs flowing on a daily basis. That was also recommended by my publisher. Yes, I too visualize him wearing black, holding chains in one hand, while cracking a whip in the other.

Write on,

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