Jumat, 31 Desember 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Perhaps I am throwing gasoline on an open fire, but I feel the need to help vindicate Paul Winer (the owner of Reader's Oasis Book Store in Quartzsite, Arizona) from a bum rap because of his desire to run around almost naked all the time. I found him (Paul) to be articulate, educated, knowledgeable, generous, caring and likable. The fact that he is butt ugly should not lessen the validity of the above statements concerning his character.

Perhaps if we could walk a day in his shoes (I can’t remember if he wears shoes; I was afraid to look down), we would better understand his commitment to being a naturalist, which is different than being a nudist. A naturalist can get away with just a sock on it in public, while a nudist would go to jail for the lack of a sock on it.

As to the plan of imitating Paul at Sunday’s book signing. I did manage to buy a small sock for myself. Wait a minute; I know what you are thinking. Give me a break, it’s cold down here this time of the year! In any case, I put on the sock with a waist string and paraded in front of my wife. That was yesterday, and in case you are wondering, she is still laughing.

I have decided to go to plan B. Plan A just won’t work; I looked worse than Paul. I know what will happen if I wear the sock. All the old ladies will still flock to Paul for pictures while I freeze my butt off alone and almost naked. I also will be sleeping in my truck Sunday night because my wife refuses to be married to an idiot. Can’t say I blame her….

I’m just saying,


P.S.: Click on Paul Winer if you want to see him play a mean piano and hear him sing!

Kamis, 30 Desember 2010

Naked Paul

I am sure there have been numerous articles written about the owner of the Readers Oasis Bookstore in Quartzsite, Arizona. I figure one more won’t hurt anyone, except maybe their eyes.

I do have some measure of respect for any man who thinks everyone on the planet should admire his manhood when he is young and virile. It’s a man thing to do so. I draw the line though when men (and women) reach a certain age. Paul and I have reached that age, ages ago.

I am wondering what possesses someone in the public eye (pun intended) to seek nakedness in their place of business?
By Jove, I think I have the answer! You can’t check out Quartzsite, Arizona, on line without seeing Paul’s sack staring up at you on every page (God forbid). His image is everywhere on the Web whether you like it or not. Duh, advertizing is his motivation and it works very well.

Now let me see; I will be selling my books at his store site this weekend. He will be practically naked; therefore I should be practically naked. That’s it; I will steal his formula for success!

I’ve got so many details to work out. Where will I find a sack and what color; do I wear body makeup, should I make sure my butt hairs are trimmed? Crap (pun intended), I need to check the weather reports, I may need a furlined sack....

I’m just saying,


Rabu, 29 Desember 2010

I came, I saw, It conquered!

Well, the stairs and landing are completed for the motor home here in Quartzsite. I even managed to install the brass headboard for the handrail. While the project looks good, the Mittster, I fear, does not. In other words, the job kicked my booty for sure.

I haven’t had my tool belt on in ages and in the meantime, I have aged too (no kidding, Dick Tracy). The skill saw felt like it weighed 100 lbs. and after a short while the hammer did too! How can someone forget how to use a framing square after being a carpenter since caveman times? What happened to the measure twice cut once rule? I managed to totally screw up an eight foot, two by twelve. By the way, did I mention prices at the local hardware store are outrageous? I might add that also includes the two by twelve.

We do have pictures of the whole operation, but unfortunately, I forgot the camera USB cord. Maybe it’s just as well; I was pretty cranky by the time wifey started taking them. I will post them on a later blog so that the multitudes who read my blogs (sixteen now; I lost one reader last week) can see them.

There is a big storm heading this way today from California. Normally that would be bad news in the sunny lower desert, but I am on my hands and knees thanking God. There is no way I can work outside for a couple of days because of rain, which is the exact time I need to heal my broken, hurting back. I guess I will just have to relax, watch TV, eat pizza and vegetate. Oh, wait a minute…crap, I have to finish writing tomorrow’s blog, work on The Phoenix Code, continue reading the epic 1001 Ways to Market Your Books, and visit naked Paul at the Oasis Book Store to arrange for a spot to sell my book Evil in the Mirror this weekend.

There is no rest for the wicked murder mystery writer this trip to Quartzsite, Arizona. Who am I kidding, no one feels sorry for me anyway. Everyone should have it this bad!

Write on,


Selasa, 28 Desember 2010

Quartzsite Madness

Let me see...250,000 motor homes + 1.5 million retired folks who love murder mysteries = Customers! Sell - Sell - Sell; and that is exactly why I am here in lovely downtown Quartzsite, Arizona.

We arrived about 2:30 p.m. yesterday to cool air in the shade, but plenty of warm sunshine. After greeting our neighbors, Bessy and Bill, from across the street (whom we haven't seen since last winter), we unpacked all our stuff from the truck into our motor home. We managed to turn on the power, water, fridge and heater without incident. Knock on wood; everything works including the television! Life is indeed good.... While I sell books, wifey can watch The Young and the Restless, thus making both of us happy campers. Needless to say, we collapsed from fatigue early and slept like logs until the dogs woke us up needing to go outside. Why can't someone invent a bathroom for dogs that automatically flushes itself after use?

This time we have a house sitter at home to feed the cats and watch the place while we are gone. Last time we depended on a automatic feeder that proved to be worthless and Mum had to feed the little critters everyday anyway. We still managed to bring four dogs and our evil parrot, Pickles, with us. I can't imagine not having our little friends with us when we travel. We are truly a family.

Tomorrow, I will visit Paul at his Oasis Book Store and set up a booth for this weekend to sell books. I also plan to build a permanent landing and stairs for the motor home this visit. The existing steps into the motor home are like climbing Mt. Everest. If one of us accidentally tripped while getting out of the motor home, we would end up in the dog run face down in doggy poo with God only knows how many broken bones!

We are looking forward to a nice working vacation here and if success is measured by feeling good about a location, Quartzsite is already successful. God, I love it here....

I'm just saying,


Senin, 27 Desember 2010

Something To Blog About

I received an e-mail from Google informing me that they had donated 20 million dollars to worldwide charities in 2010. They also thanked me and everyone who uses Google for making that donation possible. Personally, 20 million dollars doesn't register on my Richter scale - it only goes to a couple hundred thousand and then rolls over and plays dead.

I have always preferred Google for my search engine, but it wasn't until I was introduced to Google Blogspot that I began to really appreciate the company. It's great that the site is free, but more importantly (unlike most Web freebies), Blogspot is a fantastic and professional looking blog page! You can do everything the paid sites can do and more. Such a deal! There is something in this world that is actually free.

As an author, blogging is a must. Because of my teaching to learn philosophy, reaching out with a blog takes on a new and exciting dimension. I like to share my experiences in the writing world with the newbies who are trying to write, publish, and share their work. With a blog, your writings can truly be seen by billions of people!

Because I have managed to get two books published, I do feel that I can teach others who want to become published authors to avoid the pitfalls I encountered on my journey. Why make costly mistakes along the way. Everything I have written to help folks on my blog is also free. I learned that from Blogspot.

My site has well over 200 past blogs. I admit not all are about being an author, but each and every one is about being a writer. The good, bad and ugly are all there waiting for you to read. Pick out the things that may help you walk through the minefield of becoming a published author and disregard the ones that don't. I do hope you find some of my writing funny because without some humor, your journey will indeed be a long one.

One thing is for sure; while I am trying to teach you from my experiences, I will learn just as much or more than you. It's that teach to learn thing. Once you get published, try teaching what you have learned. The results may surprise you....

Write on,


Minggu, 26 Desember 2010

Post Christmas Day

Twas the day after Christmas, and it's quiet from parties and such,
Except for the moans of sour stomachs from eating too much.
There are bags of fresh fruit, cookies and candy,
Waiting to be eaten as soon as we feel dandy.

All our doggies are snuggled and sleeping in our bed,
As we lay there moaning, wishing we were dead.
Pray tell what ever possessed us to eat all that dinner,
One thing's for sure, we will never get thinner.

Out in the kitchen there rose such a clatter,
It was my daughter holding a mac and cheese platter.
Come help me eat it she said with love,
as I awoke from the nightmare thanking God up above.

One thing is for sure this post Christmas day,
If I eat one more bite there will be hell to pay.
Even though hunger comes from human evolution,
I will never eat again is my New Year's resolution.

I'm just saying,


Jumat, 24 Desember 2010


I Googled pictures of Santa Claus and picked this one because this is the Santa I grew up with as a child. I know, there are those who will say that this one symbolizes commercialism in Christmas. Well, that may be true, but it's my blog and this is my Santa!

My wife and I had a wonderful Christmas Eve (at our son and his wife's house), with friends and family. We drank homemade Tom and Jerry's, ate fabulous sausage and sauerkraut, crab dip, olive dip, delicious cold shrimp with sauce, and assorted candies and nuts. You see, all the foods were given to each other in lieu of presents. At least that was the plan due to financial hardships caused by the economy. But, there were those in attendance (you know who you are), who presented homemade goody baskets, small, but wonderful gifts, and some gave large sums of money to those who needed it the most. No matter what was agreed to, giving is what the season is all about.

While we were all enjoying each other’s company, soft Christmas music played in the background. The house that we had helped build from the ground up was filled with love and companionship, while the Christmas tree and decorations gave off a magical feeling that is always associated with the holiday season. It was great to be part of the magic that is called Christmas.

We left happy, thankful for family and friends, and arrived back home just in time to see some Christmas lights in our neighborhood. The whole day had been sunny and clear, which is typical of the winter Arizona desert. While wifey drove back toward our Verde Valley from the Prescott area, I gave thanks for the beautiful country we live in and the wonderful life we live. We have all been through hard times before and I know that this too shall pass.

Christmas day will dawn with a bright, warm sun and deep blue skies. We plan to have dinner with my wife's mother (whom we affectionately call Mum), and our daughter Nissa. She was unable to share Christmas Eve with us due to work obligations, so we will make it up to her today with a nice dinner at Denny's. Denny's, you say? None of us want to cook or do dishes, and it's all that is open. I hope I can get a double cheeseburger with fries. Now that's my kind of Christmas dinner!

I'm just saying,


Christmas Eve

Live and learn; click on the title of this blog and review the meaning of Christmas Eve. I was more than a little surprised. I guess after all these years of celebrating this day I forgot its true meaning and significance.

I must say that this Christmas season is different than most. I find myself anticipating celebrating with family tonight and tomorrow more than I can ever remember. You would think with the economy in the dumps and no one being able to afford giving presents this year that I would be in a funk. Just the opposite has occurred. Each family member is making a special Christmas dish to be shared with a liberal sprinkling of good cheer and happiness because we still have so much to be thankful for.

I find myself also thinking strongly of family that cannot be with us during our celebrating. I can only hope that they too have a loving, sharing and wonderful Christmas.

The men and women serving our country in the military also come to mind. Without them protecting our freedoms the world over, we would not be able to worship and celebrate according to our faiths. I pray that each and every one of them return safely so they too can celebrate Christmas with family and loved ones in the years to come.

I could write page after page expressing good wishes for all the oppressed people of the world who will not be able to celebrate the season, but suffice to say, they are in my thoughts. I would also be remiss if I did not mention all of our animal friends in the world who suffer from abuse. Please be kind to animals. They were here long before us and in all probability, they will be here long after we are gone.

Well, there you have it. What started out as an expression of Christmas spirit has turned into a dissertation of the ills of the planet. But, such is the way of being an author. Once started, never stopped.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone!

Write on,


Kamis, 23 Desember 2010

Well, Tweet My Twitter

As the title implies, I love talking dirty to myself. In reality though, I thought I would write a few comments about Twitter and how it has impacted my Web Life. Yes, I said, Web Life. You know, the place everyone reading this blog lives to the chagrin of everyone else who lives in boring reality.

As suggested by my publisher, my book promotions are centered around three Websites: Twitter, Facebook and a Website dedicated to my books. Facebook is certainly the most fun, whereas the Website is just a showcase. Twitter is mostly serious, which took some getting used to. Nothing much funny going on there - just people trying to be noticed by somebody who is somebody. In Twitterland, the nobodies prevail, but occasionally somebody will surface who has thousands and thousands of followers. I am trying to be one of those people.

I Tweet my Blog on Twitter everyday (there I go getting dirty again. Sorry!), and I have about 300 or so followers - mostly writers, publishers and an assortment of weirdos like myself. The trick is to get people interested in what you have to offer. I obviously haven't learned the trick yet, but if I am one thing, it's persistent! In theory, the harder you try at something, the better chance you have of succeeding. The reality may be different, but I keep moving forward no matter the weight on my shoulders.

Also, in theory, Twitter can connect you with the elite and powerful. My problem is that I wouldn't know what to say if or when I did meet them. Well, that's not quite accurate; I did have a short connection with Anne Rice, but she didn't offer to introduce me to her publisher. Perhaps she tired of my platitudes and idol worship. After all, she is my favorite author.

After the holidays are over, I plan to have a video made and submit it to YouTube featuring my book Evil in the Mirror. I look at it this way - why not make my Web experience even more exciting by having four places to live!

I'm just saying,


Rabu, 22 Desember 2010

The 800-Pound Gorilla

The wonderful thing about having a blog that most people don't read is that I get to say almost anything I want. I could say some things that would force Google to boot my booty off-line, but that would be counterproductive.

This blog makes me absolutely no money, so I can't lose what I don't have. I thought about ringing the perimeter of this blog with advertising like the Big Gorilla Blogs, but I hate it every time I accidentally click on one and end up in a mystic ad land that refuses to let my back or shut down icons work. I end up pushing my finger hard and deep into the computer tower off-button just to escape, and then I have to deal with the re-start-up fiasco.

I do use this blog to promote my book, but the nineteen people who read my blogs have already bought the book, so the promotions mostly look on blind eyes. That's OK, though; I do get an occasional lol, lmao and such.

At least now I can start promoting my new book and give my small following something new to look at. Unfortunately, they will get bored quickly and I will have to try to be funny again to keep their attention. That too is OK. Humor is the only paycheck for unknown, newbie authors. I'm not complaining, laughing far outweighs crying, and I don't waste Kleenex.

So what keeps me going down the lonely, newbie author pathway? I'll tell you something - there is no one answer. Passion for writing is the main thing, but ego is another. Most will not admit to the latter. I freely do, because it's my blog and no one reads it. I refuse to write two murder mysteries and let them become obscure in the bowles of Amazon. My ego won't allow it. There is also the matter of fame. Yes, I want fame and fortune and I want them now! There, I've said it and I feel much better for it....

There are a few of the nineteen people who read my blogs that wish it would just fade away. You know who you are! Forget it, this blog will be up and running till the day I go to the big blog in the sky. Unlike writing a novel, which takes months and sometimes years to write, blogs are here and now. It's self-gratification to the extreme. It's like Meg Ryan in her famous scene in When Harry Met Sally.

Oh, crap, now my secrets are out. Ego, Fame and Eroticism are great motivators also....

Write on,


Selasa, 21 Desember 2010


I watched South Park last night like a zombie. The program was about Christmas, but of course it was anti-Christmas. Click on the title of this blog, and after some commercials, you too can see the Christmas program that starts out with a talking turd.

Normally, I would watch South Park and laugh my butt off, but this time I was unable to find the humor. Come on, a talking turd, sick Jew jokes, and Christmas in hell featuring Hitler, Dalmer, Hussein and other assorted infamous mass murderers? Have the South Park writers lost their minds? I think not. Why? Because Christmas today pretty much sucks, that's why, and this episode of South Park illustrates just how much. After realizing the parody, I was able to laugh till it hurt.

In order to really appreciate what Christmas used to be, you need to read Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol or see the original movie. Now that's what I'm talking about! A Christmas where Scrooge finds his grove and shares his wealth, and Tiny Tim finds love everywhere. Food and gifts made by loving human hands are given with joy and love. The smell of roasting duck mingles with pine scent from a real Christmas tree as carolers' voices singing Silent Night drift into the house from outside. I remember this kind of Christmas as a child.

Now I have visions of people being trampled to death in a department store rush for good deals on merchandise. Television crammed with commercial after commercial trying to sell the newest electronic toys and such. Outside Christmas lights that can be seen from outer space and Christmas cards that say little and mean less. Kids who wake up Christmas morning and are disappointed because they didn't get as much or what they wanted, while their parents suffer through massive hangovers from celebrating Christmas Eve too much.

I, for one, salute South Park for saying and showing what most of us feel. Today's Christmas is a sham. There is one bright spot though. I also salute the people out there who celebrate Christmas in the spirit that was intended - loving, gentle folks who know how to love and be loved just as Christ intended. I am going to join those people in wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas season.

I'm just saying,


Senin, 20 Desember 2010

Merry Christmas

I grew up wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and feeling good about doing so. Now, I am confronted with what is, or is not, politically correct, and the prospect that saying, "Merry Christmas," might offend some people. Does that mean that all the years I wished even a passerby on the street a Merry Christmas that I was offending them? In all those years, not one person ever said that they were offended. Does that mean they didn't say anything because they were afraid I would be offended? It's all so confusing.

Well, I have the answer to this dilemma. I am going to wish everyone who reads this blog a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! If it offends you, get off my blog and go Bah! Humbug! yourself in the pie hole.... Politically incorrect? Indeed, and I prefer it that way.

Write on,


Sabtu, 18 Desember 2010

The Man and the Author

If you click on the title of this blog, you will find Candace L. Bowser's candid interview with me recently. I found this young freelance author and novelist delightful. If you have a chance, after reading the interview, click on her Website at the bottom of the page. Better yet, read one of her captivating novels! Her writing and research capabilities are astounding! Personally, I am glad she is not writing murder mysteries.... I would certainly have some stiff competition!

I am just saying,


Jumat, 17 Desember 2010

Day Stalker Is Published!

Click on the title of this blog to see what authors live for. It's like an actor seeing their name on a Hollywood theater marquee! Day Stalker is my second murder mystery and I guarantee this sequel to Evil in the Mirror will keep you on the edge of your chair. If you think Evil was hard to put down, wait until you dive into this one! No brag, folks, just plain truth.... The last book in this series will be out in May 2011. It will be titled The Phoenix Code and promises to be a wild finish to the trilogy.

My next book after Code, will be Vectus, and it is scheduled for an October release. It will be a standalone murder mystery delving into the supernatural. What you think is impossible proves to be not only possible, but absolutely terrifying in all its possibilities. The storyboard is finished and as soon as Code is completed, I will get cracking on this next thriller!

I love it when a plan comes together!

I'm just saying,


Frankly, I Don't Give a Damn!

Frankly, traditional publishers, I don't give a damn! If I die not selling another book, you can rest assured that using a POD (Print On Demand) publisher is light years ahead of trying to get a pompous, élite, self-serving, holier than thou, snobbish, dinosaur ass, traditional publisher to even open your manuscript envelope, let alone read it. I have heard that they have huge trash cans for unopened manuscript envelopes and use them to stay warm in the winter, which is impossible considering they are reptilian.

I have lost count of the horror stories concerning newbie writers being treated like subhumans at the hands of traditional publishers. Worse yet, if you were one of the very fortunate writers able to get signed by one of these publishing houses, your status went from subhuman to slave. Forget keeping the content of your novel. It will be tweaked into oblivion. Not to worry though; the odds of getting published are worse than winning the lottery!

Did I send my manuscript to some traditional publishers? Yes. But, after wasting about fifty bucks on postage, I decided it would be cheaper in the long run to hire a POD publisher. After much research and a little luck, I found the perfect publisher, Wheatmark, Inc.

Here is the gist of an e-mail I received today from Wheatmark:

“We received your Proof Approval Form and have released your files to the printer. You will receive your Author Sample Copies in about a week from today.”

In other words, my sequel murder mystery, Day Stalker, has gone to press!

That’s what I’m talking about…. While some newbie authors are waiting for word on manuscripts that will never come, I just had my second novel published. I am already working on the third novel, The Phoenix Code, anticipating finishing the trilogy next May.

What are you waiting for? Get your book started; a great adventure waits!

Write on,


Rabu, 15 Desember 2010

Dolt Book-Writing Course Continued

Click on the title of this blog for the best definition of a dolt that I have found to date. It sure fits me to a T. Let us continue down the road of publishing your first novel. The road can be rocky and uphill, but once you gain confidence, it begins to be level and paved.

O. How do I find a publisher? This is the million dollar question that keeps most newbie writers from finishing their book project. The truth is that this question is the easiest to answer. You are not going to find a traditional publisher unless you have really high-up-the-ladder connections. If you had these connections, you wouldn't be reading this blog in the first place. This leaves a POD (publish on demand) publisher, or you become a self-published author. The latter is reserved for brains who can do all the technical stuff and don't mind having a garage full of books to sell. I prefer to use a POD. You don't have to deal with a garage full of books, copyrights, legal stuff (disclaimers), and technical issues because they are taken care of by the POD publisher.

P. Can I get my book published for free? No, you cannot. If you think you can, you have been listening to someone who is below dolt level. Somewhere around idiot, I should think. There is nothing for free in this world, but with research and commonsense, you can minimize the costs associated with publishing your book. The main thing is that it can be done, so quit worrying and finish your book project!

Q. How can I get my book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble? Once your book is published by a POD publisher, they will put your book on just about every virtual book store on the planet. Sit back and relax. It won't take long and you will be able to see your book cover, grabber, bio and price on line. That is an exciting day for sure!

R. Will my POD publisher promote my book? No, unless your name is Stephen King, which it isn't. You will be responsible for promoting your book. If you had the commitment to write the darn thing in the first place, you surely will have the commitment to promote it.

S. How long will it take me to become a best-selling author? Now that is a difficult question. If I quoted the daunting statistics concerning newbie authors, we all would be selling shoes for a living. This is where your passion and commitment comes in to play. Without great passion for your work, you will be buried in the negative press about how many books get published every year vs. how many authors are successful. Of course, it also depends on your definition of success. Seeing your book in print should be your first goal and a lofty goal it is. How many people do you know personally that are published authors? I only know one, and that is me. I find comfort in that statistic. Screw all the others.

End of series for now.

Write on,


Selasa, 14 Desember 2010

Dolt Book-Writing Course Continued

So, let's continue with getting you to start writing a novel. Remember, the mountain you are contemplating climbing is only as high as you make it. The first day I started writing Evil in the Mirror, I could have sworn I was climbing Everest, but it turned out to only be a mole hill.

I. How can I remember all the names, places and events in my book? That's an easy one. Set up a storyboard using a spreadsheet. I place all the characters, chapters, page numbers and events in the spreadsheet as I am writing the book. I can review it at any time and believe me, I review it constantly.

J. Research is way too hard. Not! Today's writers have the world at their fingertips. It's called the Internet. I use Google to find anything and everything! Do what I did; my first book is centered in 1968 Tucson, Arizona. No cell phones, personal computers or high-tech to deal with. I was born in Tucson, which made research that much easier. Working smart does not mean you're lazy. Make your first book easy! I like fiction personally. My books can be anything I want them to be.

K. Where do I get an idea for a book? Fire up your computer and Google any subject you can think of. Past experiences and people you have met give you a base to start from. Our heads are full of experiences that can be used for a book. So you have to tweak them a little or a lot, who cares? People who know me can't believe the horrible murders I have come up with. They think I should be in prison or on death row. Truth? I just used past experiences for settings and characters, and the killings were embelished from what I had seen on TV, the movies, and read in books. Use your imagination; that's what it's there for.

L. I'm not educated enough to write a book. Give me a break, I barely graduated from high school. All I have is a P.h.D in the school of hard knocks, but during that process, I taught myself how to touch-type and read everything I could get my hands on. I'm glad my education is from the streets. Have you ever tried to read something written by an over-educated twit? Boring!

M. I can't imagine spending years writing a book. Me either. The actual writing of Evil in the Mirror took three months and Day Stalker four months. I guess I slacked off on Day Stalker.

N. How many words should my book have? For fiction, the minimum is 60,000 and the maximum is 100,000. Historical novels go on, and on, and on.... I personally don't like long, drawn out books. When the story is over, it's over. Don't beat a dead horse.

To be continued....

Write on,


Senin, 13 Desember 2010

Dolt Book-Writing Course

I really don't like the idiot's guide to this or that. Not because it is demeaning and politically incorrect, but rather because it's too far to the left to describe me. Dolt fits me rather nicely. Although, I do have some pride; it's Mr. Dolt to you!

Since today's blog is a book-writing course, I will get on with it.

A. Screw what anyone has ever told you about writing. You can write and be a dolt at the same time.

B. If I can write a novel, even Alfred E. Newman can write one.

C. Author newbies can't make any money writing. This is true, but in today's economy, you can't make any money anyway. At least you can be creative while eating peanut butter and jelly sammies.

D. There are no conventional publishers that will take on your book. This is also true, but you can sell what gold jewelery you have left and hire a POD (Publish on Demand) publisher.

E. If you are passionate about your desire to write a book, the book will magically appear on Amazon.com. This is false, but if you work half as hard writing your book as you did trying to figuring out reasons why you can't write, it will appear on Amazon.com and your pride level will top out in the stratosphere.

F. Your book idea will be so good that other people will promote it. False again; you will be promoting your books until you leave the planet. Writing and promoting are your job, but not to worry, both are fun, especailly when you sign your first book for your first customer!

G. How do I actually start writing a book? It's easy; write one word, then two, then a sentence. Sit back and read your first sentence. Write other sentences until you have a paragraph. Sit back and read your first paragraph. Keep writing until you have a chapter. Once you have a chapter, sit back and read it. If it excites you no end, keep writing. If you fall asleep, it's all over but the crying. You have just discovered you have no passion and you need to try finger painting. Don't be too worried about mistakes. Proofing and editing can be done by others. If you have no friends to help with fine tuning your book, sell some more gold jewelery. Your going to need the money.

H. There is no way I can figure out how to copyright my book and all the other stuff I see in the pages of other books. Again, not to worry...the POD publisher will handle all the technical stuff. Great, one less reason for you to procrastinate.

I. To be continued...

Write on,


Jumat, 10 Desember 2010


Apathy sucks! After finding a Website full of, I Dare You, pictures, I got stoked...man, this is what our country needs right now! I can even apply it to my life - I dare me to finish my current murder mystery, The Phoenix Code, and get cracking of my fourth book, Vectus. I also dare me to stop worrying about the things I can't control and get better control of the things I can. How about I quit sniveling while I'm at it.

What's that old saying? "When the going gets tough, the tough get going!" Well, my back's up, I am standing straight, and I am going to plow forward. If you're waiting for me to do something, you are too late. I'm out of apathy land and into positive territory. I might even homestead there!

Write on,


Kamis, 09 Desember 2010

My Favorite Addiction

According to the quiz that is linked to the title of this blog, I am only 19% addicted to Facebook. I thought for sure the score would be higher; I'm a little disappointed.

After deactivating my account for a total of three days so I could catch up on work, I found that during the process of writing my new murder mystery, The Phoenix Code, I would start thinking about all the wonderful friends and family I used to be in contact with on Facebook and lose my train of thought concerning the book. Crap, I was better off when I was checking out all the comments twice a day on Facebook. At least then, while I was working on my book, it was possible to concentrate.

Just to be sure I wasn't addicted, I found and took the test. OK, I'm only a little addicted. It's not like when I used to drink and could not stop at just one. This is different; I only need a Facebook fix twice a day, seven days a week. Holy cow, if that were booze, I would be totally whacked most of the time!

Well, I'm not quitting Facebook. I gave up my addictive behavior fifteen years ago when I got married. I need to have at least one addiction and Facebook will do nicely, thank you very much.

I'm just saying,


Rabu, 08 Desember 2010

Fly This!

There is nothing more exciting than watching Red Bull Air Racing in person and Monument Valley, Utah, was the perfect setting. The one thing that I miss the most while reminiscing about this Harley trip is the HEAT...holly crap, it's cold here in Northern Arizona!