Rabu, 15 September 2010

The Day The Earth Stood Still

I just don't get it.... A friend of mine was in a motorcycle accident yesterday in Flagstaff, Arizona. She was not wearing a helmet, and had just left the bar before dumping her bike alongside the road.

Was she drinking? Hell, yes, she was drinking! Did she get killed? No, but she should have. Did she get a DUI? No, she rode the damn thing home bleeding like a stuck pig while somehow managing not to get stopped. Was it the first time she had wore here bike after drinking and then riding? No! I have lost count how many times the earth stood still for me when I got news of her drinking spills.

I am close to my friend, but not close enough to get her to stop being stupid. You think she's got a death wish? Duh, must be, because that's where she is headed like a moth to a flame.

I have been riding for a day or two, and I know how much fun hanging with biker buds and budettes can be. It's a special feeling being part of a group who watches each other's back and trust is automatic. Being a free spirit is what it is all about, but being a dead spirit due to spirits sucks!

Have I ridden drunk? Yes. I have, and one time it ended up with a spill and me soaking in a tub of bleach in the hospital because of sever road burns. I was out of commission for weeks and I hurt like hell for months. I learned that NA beer tasted just as good as the hard stuff at rallies and runs. Hell, I rode to Sturgis and back sucking down NAs like they were soda pop and had a fabulous time riding in the safe zone!

I know there have been millions of words written about not driving or riding drunk and yet, thousands of people end up dead or worse every year. Some end up killing an innocent bystander and spend a long stretch in prison. Well, here are a few more words about not driving or riding drunk. It's better me writing them than just staying silent.

If my friend dies being an idiot, at least I kept trying to help her the only way I know how.

Write on,


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