Selasa, 22 Juni 2010

What the Hell is a Piaggio?

While I was in Tucson last Saturday for a book signing, I found the time to ride my brother's new three-wheel Piaggio MP3 400 motorscooter. Trust me, I have ridden a whole bunch of bikes in my day, but this one takes the cake!

The 400 cc water-cooled engine will zip you hard and fast, but it still gets 60 mpg. Here is the kicker; once you learn to ride the crazy thing and come to a stoplight, you flick a switch and the two front wheels lock while you sit there with your feet up off the asphalt. When the light turns green, you give it the throttle, the front wheels release, and you are riding a two-wheel motorcycle with an automatic transmission that absolutely flies!

The front wheels articulate, which give the scooter incredible turning capabilities, but you have to learn its handling characteristics or you will roll over and play dead. Talk about your perfect cafe racer, this baby can do it, and riding on curvy roads is pure thrill.

I used to be a Harley-Davidson purist, but let's face it, purists miss a lot of fun! I say take a test drive on one of these might just remove all the Harley stuff off your leathers and take a three-wheel trip to the high country of Colorado.

I'm just saying,


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