Kamis, 19 Agustus 2010

Hippocratic Oath

The hypocritical use of the Hippocratic Oath has now reached worldwide shame. If you click on the title of this blog and read the classical Hippocratic Oath, you will read much about sharing your wealth and resources with mankind. Don't worry about parts that refer to gods and goddesses, after all the Greeks had many gods. Yet, they could produce the Hippocratic Oath and many more philosophies of goodwill toward their citizens and indeed to the world.

I find it very interesting that they (the Greeks) had many gods, but we only have one God. Somehow that fact supposedly makes us better, but we treat our sick and injured with disdain and neglect, especially if it is discovered the inflicted person does not have health insurance. Greek doctors would be rolling over in their tombs if they knew how their oath is being prostituted each and every day in the civilized world with only one true God.

Some might think this blog is a statement for or against national health care. They would be wrong! This blog is about something much less complicated. This blog is about We The People taking back our own health destiny.

I realize that people who are critically ill or injured must become part of a system the Greeks could have never imagined, but the rest of us need not participate in that system. We are tied to the system through the drugs we take to supposedly maintain our health. No doctor visit, no scripts! It's just as simple as that. Whoa, what have we here? A conspiracy perhaps? The drug companies in cahoots with the doctors? No shit, Dick Tracy....

I'm not saying we should move to the jungles of South America and live on roots and berries. All I am saying is that we need to stand up to the doctors who would rule our lives with greed in mind. My doctor wanted me to submit to invasive examinations every six months. I said, "No, I will come in every year. Thank you very much." The doctor said, "Well, you are healthy enough, and your tests look good...." "See ya next year, doc." I left there empowered because I finally realized it was my life and that I am in control of my life, not anyone else on the planet!

It was just one little step to the realization that we indeed can have control over our lives. Don't be afraid to look your doctor straight in the eyes and express YOUR wishes. Now is the time. Did you know your doctor is caught up in the same recession as you? They can't afford to lose a patient any more than you can afford to lose your doctor. Touche!

I'm just saying,


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