Sabtu, 30 Oktober 2010

I Love Writing Murder Mysteries

This picture was taken while I was writing my new murder mystery, Day Stalker, and it's obvious that I am in a trance and possessed by some unknown evil entity. How I am able to write scary, dark and unusual novels is now out in the open for all to see.

How many times have I tried to explain to everyone that it's not me writing this stuff? I have begged, "Please, don't shoot the messenger," again and again to deaf ears. "It's just fiction, for goodness sakes, get a life!"

Now, maybe truth will prevail and family will speak to me again instead of just weirdos, who enjoy creepy and sick books, e-mailing me and begging for more. Surely loved ones can see that I am not to blame for the horrible murders and disgusting behavior of the fictional characters portrayed.

I just can't take any more rejection. Please, someone help me.... Oh, by the way, Sandy and I were talking about new titles and story lines for my third murder mystery on the way back from our stay in Quartzsite, Arizona. We came up with some gruesome ideas. Isn't it exciting?

Write on,


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