Minggu, 24 Oktober 2010

Quartzsite Book Mecca

Let me see...Quartzsite, Arizona; population during the summer is about 2,500 when the temperature reaches 118 degrees in the shade.

The Quartzsite population during the winter is 100,000 (when the temperature is about 75 degrees) and 100% of those people are over the age of fifty. 80% of those folks read books while staying the winter. 70% of these people read murder mysteries.

That means 50, 000 retired desert rats who spend the winter in Quartzsite read murder mysteries and I just happen to have one, Evil in the Mirror, for sale. In fact, come January, I will have my second book, Day Stalker, published and I can sell two books to all the trailer trash like ourselves.

Duh? No brainer....We have a lot and motor home in Quartzsite to sell out of this winter. See ya!

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