Minggu, 07 November 2010

Post Book Signing

Bookmans Speedway in Tucson, Arizona, is the greatest! What a wonderful store and staff. If you are ever visiting Tucson, please take the time to visit this wonderful bookstore. They treated my evil twin and me like royalty, including announcing my book signing every half-hour over the loudspeaker. Table and chairs were waiting for us right in front of the store!

The foot travel in and out of the store was constant and the staff passed out Evil in the Mirror bookmarks to everyone at the cash registers. We met interesting people and passed out free candy to anyone who stopped.

I love book signings and surely look forward to January, February and March in Quartzsite, Arizona, at the Oasis Bookstore. You will find me sitting in one of the free selling booths provided by Paul, the owner, selling books and having fun in the sun.

I am excited about meeting the thousands of Quartzsite visitors from around the country who all love to read and spend time in the warm and sunny lower desert during the winter months.

In the meantime, I will be working on my third novel, The Phoenix Code. Jon Mull will again be involved in murder and mayhem that takes him into the dark mind of another diabolical killer who is targeting rookie cops throughout Arizona.

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