Selasa, 28 Desember 2010

Quartzsite Madness

Let me see...250,000 motor homes + 1.5 million retired folks who love murder mysteries = Customers! Sell - Sell - Sell; and that is exactly why I am here in lovely downtown Quartzsite, Arizona.

We arrived about 2:30 p.m. yesterday to cool air in the shade, but plenty of warm sunshine. After greeting our neighbors, Bessy and Bill, from across the street (whom we haven't seen since last winter), we unpacked all our stuff from the truck into our motor home. We managed to turn on the power, water, fridge and heater without incident. Knock on wood; everything works including the television! Life is indeed good.... While I sell books, wifey can watch The Young and the Restless, thus making both of us happy campers. Needless to say, we collapsed from fatigue early and slept like logs until the dogs woke us up needing to go outside. Why can't someone invent a bathroom for dogs that automatically flushes itself after use?

This time we have a house sitter at home to feed the cats and watch the place while we are gone. Last time we depended on a automatic feeder that proved to be worthless and Mum had to feed the little critters everyday anyway. We still managed to bring four dogs and our evil parrot, Pickles, with us. I can't imagine not having our little friends with us when we travel. We are truly a family.

Tomorrow, I will visit Paul at his Oasis Book Store and set up a booth for this weekend to sell books. I also plan to build a permanent landing and stairs for the motor home this visit. The existing steps into the motor home are like climbing Mt. Everest. If one of us accidentally tripped while getting out of the motor home, we would end up in the dog run face down in doggy poo with God only knows how many broken bones!

We are looking forward to a nice working vacation here and if success is measured by feeling good about a location, Quartzsite is already successful. God, I love it here....

I'm just saying,


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