Selasa, 21 Desember 2010


I watched South Park last night like a zombie. The program was about Christmas, but of course it was anti-Christmas. Click on the title of this blog, and after some commercials, you too can see the Christmas program that starts out with a talking turd.

Normally, I would watch South Park and laugh my butt off, but this time I was unable to find the humor. Come on, a talking turd, sick Jew jokes, and Christmas in hell featuring Hitler, Dalmer, Hussein and other assorted infamous mass murderers? Have the South Park writers lost their minds? I think not. Why? Because Christmas today pretty much sucks, that's why, and this episode of South Park illustrates just how much. After realizing the parody, I was able to laugh till it hurt.

In order to really appreciate what Christmas used to be, you need to read Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol or see the original movie. Now that's what I'm talking about! A Christmas where Scrooge finds his grove and shares his wealth, and Tiny Tim finds love everywhere. Food and gifts made by loving human hands are given with joy and love. The smell of roasting duck mingles with pine scent from a real Christmas tree as carolers' voices singing Silent Night drift into the house from outside. I remember this kind of Christmas as a child.

Now I have visions of people being trampled to death in a department store rush for good deals on merchandise. Television crammed with commercial after commercial trying to sell the newest electronic toys and such. Outside Christmas lights that can be seen from outer space and Christmas cards that say little and mean less. Kids who wake up Christmas morning and are disappointed because they didn't get as much or what they wanted, while their parents suffer through massive hangovers from celebrating Christmas Eve too much.

I, for one, salute South Park for saying and showing what most of us feel. Today's Christmas is a sham. There is one bright spot though. I also salute the people out there who celebrate Christmas in the spirit that was intended - loving, gentle folks who know how to love and be loved just as Christ intended. I am going to join those people in wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas season.

I'm just saying,


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