Jumat, 01 Juli 2011

How About a Piece of Peace?

Enough is enough already; let’s get out of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq before we lose anymore young lives and bankrupt our country and our allies’ countries to boot. No wonder every time we announce that we are pulling out and letting local police keep the peace, something blows up and people die. The enemy or their governments, or both, want us to stay so we can spend yet even more young lives and money. We got the bad guys, now it's time to get the hell out!

I am as right-wing as they come, but there is something to be said about re-grouping closer to home and letting some countries take care of their own problems for a change. We all know it is really about oil, but if the truth be known, we would learn that there is enough of the ugly stuff in oil shale to last a hundred years right in our own backyard. Besides, the American people need to be taken care of first with jobs and a future. Screw the terrorists of any country. Make America strong again and the rest will fall in place.

I know, you think I am an idealist. That term is used to describe left-wing Democrats to get you to vote Republican. What I am is sick and tired of is watching our country go down the tubes due to unemployment, deficit spending and welfare programs for people here illegally. While we are spending billions of future dollars overseas for lost causes, people here are suffering. Middle and lower income folks are dying on the vine trying to carry the weight of all the government spending. Get off my back, damn it, and let me breathe!

There, I have said it, and it felt good. Of course, the weight is still pushing me underground, but at least I am going down kicking ass and taking names. Lord, please let me live long enough to vote someone in as president of the U.S.A. who will reign in our out-of-control government spending. Ronald Regan, please come back and help us kick some booty!

I’m just screaming,


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