Kamis, 12 Januari 2012

Quartzsite again?

I can't think of a better way to get away from Facebook, Twitter, blogs and the like than another trip to Quartzsite, Arizona. This time we hauled our vintage 1959 Shasta, "Cove" camp trailer and parked it in our empty RV space. Our usual January RV friends who stay in the space bought a house in Havasu City. They have gone "up-town" on us, but hopefully when they get back from their permanent home in northern California, we can visit their second home in February.

In the meanwhile, here are some pictures of life in the fast lane at Quartzsite, Arizona.

Early morning moon at our little homestead

1959 Shasta "Cove" camp trailer

The Theme of the interior is Betty Boop and Highway 66

We call our little trailer "The Bunkhouse" just in case someone needs a place to sleep. It can also double as "The Dog House" which I seem to be in most the time. "Ya all come and visit someday!"

Write on,


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