Rabu, 05 Mei 2010

It's Only A Matter Of Time

I can't help but wonder if all the security agencies who protect the U.S.A. are looking behind their backs once in a while.

It seems to me that all the half-ass attempts to cause us harm are but a smoke screen to cover up a more sinister threat from weapons of mass destruction. Call it intuition or whatever, but I am scared to death everyday that something really bad is about to happen and it won't come from some stupid ass wipe that can't even build a bomb. Are you telling me that he spent five months in Afghanistan learning how to build the piece of crap he left in the parked SUV? Smoke screen folks....

I know, we have nothing to fear, except fear it's self. I got news for you, a healthy amount of fear can save lives. My fear is for the life's of innocent men, women and children who are doing nothing more than trying to earn a living, be happy, and live in peace.

My hat is off to the individual who spotted the suspicious vehicle and reported it. Let's keep our eyes and ears open so we can all help fight this war on terrorism.

I say, take the fight to the terrorist wherever they hide and drop Daisy Cutters on the spineless bastards until they are eradicated!

I'm just saying....


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