Minggu, 09 Mei 2010


I found a most interesting event that left me wonderng, yet again, about Tom Peter's quote: Perception...Is all there is - Manage it! There is no reality!

World famous violinist Joshua Bell played unanounced with his multi-million dollar violin while in casual clothes at L'enfant Plaza Station in DC, as an experiment for the Washington Post.

If you read the experiment article, it will become obvious that "The more you think about time - the less time you have." As an author, I am always worried about time, but the more I think about it. Why? When I am writing a murder mystery, I become one with the characters and story. The story becomes my reality until I emerge back to my life.

Is the time I spend in my life reality wasted? I think not....if I stay too long in the murder mystery reality, I could get killed!

I'm just saying....


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