Jumat, 09 Desember 2011

Daredevil's Delight

I like to ride motorcycles as much as the next person, but whatever possessed this guy? While I have hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon many times, the idiot on this bike is only going to drop in once!

Daredevil my ass...this guy just doesn't understand the physics of water!

I do like this daredevil's style…only the second mouse gets the cheese!

Why drive the L.A. freeways for free when you can go to a track and get paid for it. Tallyho!

Man that knocked my dick string loose!

How to make a human "Moon Pie!"

What happened next was too obscene to show and tell….

These mountain climbers have been in this position for twenty five years. Due to global warming, the rescue attempt should happen in about a year. Family and friends can hardly wait.

These daredevil Ozark brothers are the proud father of a baby boy born from their sister, Mable.

The biker lived through this fiery ordeal. Unfortunately the idiot who ignited the fire did not!

Sex is only possible on the wing of a flying airplane if the man is someone other than the pilot!

I be one of the yellow-bellies!

I'm just saying,


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