Kamis, 22 Desember 2011

Humor Makes Me Happy

Better to lose your ass instead of your head.

Speaking of head, whatever you do don't pull my hair!

First prison break using camouflage.

I won't even go there with these pictures!

Even I wouldn't recommend further exploration.

Is this what Adam and Eve wore after being thrown out of Eden?

Yes, according to my sources.

I use to say I would try anything twice; I might have been wrong the first time. I don't say that anymore....

What ever floats your boat!

Don't ask - Don't tell....

On the lighter side...I do like these shoes.

This is really not a bad idea for new mothers who lack breasts but still want to feed baby the traditional way.

This guy just wants to make sure they won't have to resort to the above picture.

Some couples have all the luck!

And then some don't....

Time to go home now. Have a nice day in spite of me!

I'm just saying,


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