Senin, 26 Desember 2011

Panic Button

Grandma and Grandpa now have “Life Alert” buttons clipped to their shirts that when pushed notify the paramedics to get there pronto. Instead of lying there for days and possibly passing away, a central communications center notifies police and fire departments and help arrives shortly after. What a relief for the elderly knowing that help is on the way!

We also have a GPS gadget that attaches to Fido’s collar and he is monitored 24/7 as to his whereabouts. If he wanders too far from pre-set parameters, his owners are immediately notified and the search is on before Fido gets too close to Sassy, the pedigreed poodle next door. Expensive dogs also have implanted chips for future identification.

My wife and I were thinking of all the missing children we hear about on the news and wondered why we can’t do the same thing for our children that we do for pets and the elderly. Why can’t we pin a panic button on their shirt or blouse? Better yet, how about a wristband GPS with a panic button. We not only know where children are at all times, but also they can set off the panic alarm when danger approaches.

We also thought about children setting off alarms just for fun and how hectic that would be, but after a trip to the woodshed, I bet it wouldn’t happen again! Besides, we think children today better understand the horrible dangers that lurk once they leave home alone.

We don’t think any idea too outlandish when it comes to protecting our children from murderous pedophiles. Maybe it’s time to come up with a program that could lower the statistics. What a wonderful day that would be.

Write on,

Mittster and Mrs. Mittster

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