Jumat, 22 April 2011

Get a Rope!

Today is Friday. All working Americans know it’s Friday; this announcement is for all the illegal aliens milking America dry who can’t read or speak English…. Get a rope!

California is a Mecca for undocumented workers with children receiving free education, health care and subsistence…. Get a rope!

California is also a Mecca for handing out driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants…. Get a rope!

In case you haven’t noticed, our treasured public lands are being trashed and now posted as unsafe for Americans because of drug mules and illegal immigrants entering our country by cover of darkness…. Get a rope!

Also, in case you haven’t noticed, getting the illegal vote is priority number one for a certain political party (Democrats)…. Get a rope!

Our government stands by sucking their thumbs while illegal immigrants turn our flag up-side-down under the Mexican flag during protests in total disrespect of our country while on our soil…. Get a rope!

During these well-organized parades, protesters carried signs threatening our police officers with deadly violence if they interfered…. Get another rope!

Why is it that the media covers these protests with zeal, but hardly anything is said about a rancher who was shot and killed in southern Arizona by illegal aliens while on his own property?…. Get a rope!

How is it that another southern Arizona rancher was found guilty of holding a group of illegal immigrants found on his private property against their will? They were there illegally, for God’s sake…. Get a rope!

Landlords in Phoenix, Arizona, knowingly rent houses to mules that need a place to keep their captive illegal immigrants until even more money can be extorted from their families in South America or until they can sell the women into prostitution…. Get a rope!

You do understand that if we build a wall to keep the illegal immigrants out, drug smuggling would also stop. Maybe some of the billions and billions of illegal drug dollars are being passed out to corrupt officials on our side of the border to make sure that the wall never gets built…. Get more ropes!

There, I have said what millions of Americans are thinking, but are afraid to say because it is politically incorrect. I figure if illegals are able to exploit our Constitution and say what they please because of freedom of speech in our country, how much better protected I must be. Of course, the term “Get a rope” does not mean to literally get a rope and hang someone. That would be illegal!

I’m just saying,


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