Kamis, 07 April 2011

I Feel a V-Rod Coming On

After I sold my Harley-Davidson “Road King” to help finance the publishing of my second murder mystery, Day Stalker, I found myself sucked into the no riding void of self-pity and depression. It seemed everywhere I looked, someone was riding a Harley, and while they were feeling good and looking good, I just hung my head in shame and rejection.

All my riding buds and buddettes have ridden off into the sunset while shaking their heads wondering how I could have sold my beautiful Harley touring bike. Sometimes I wondered the same thing, until I let my mind wrap around the fact that I have written and published two murder mystery novels that are five-star rated on Amazon.com. How many of my riding friends can say that? This fact may not be like riding a motorcycle, but it sure is exciting in its own right!

A funny thing happened to me on the way to my computer last month. I landed a construction consultant job and the position could very well be fulltime and salaried in the near future. This was better than I could have ever dreamed; after all, construction work in Arizona was non-existent. When this opportunity presented itself, I jumped on it like a frog on a bug and instantly unretired myself, yet again, from the industry I had spent so many years learning. When in doubt, do what you know best, and that is exactly what I am now doing.

Suddenly, owning another Harley seems within my reach. No more expensive, heavy touring bikes for the Mittster. I dream of a used 2003 Anniversary Model, Harley-Davidson (water cooled) V-Rod. I test drove one about five years ago and knew then that if I ever decided to stop the long hauls, the V-Rod would be my choice for just cruising the short trips.

It's official; I am going to Buddy Stubbs this Sunday to pict up my V-Rod! I’m sure glad I didn’t sell my riding duds and boots. The Mittster will be, once again, riding into the sunset!

I’m just saying,


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