Selasa, 05 April 2011

Tiger’s Blood Anyone?

If Lindsay Lohan is trying to keep up with the Charlie Sheen, she needs to suck on a bottle of pure tiger’s Blood three times a day for at least a year if she ever hopes to catch up. Another thing Ms. Lohan, steeling stuff is a fool’s game. Ya don’t see Charlie ripping off retailers now do you.

You could also take some lessons from the Sheen Think Tank. I was skeptical at first because I just knew he was heading for a date with Phill Specter in prison with his behavior. Now that CBS is in negotiations trying to get Charlie back on the Two and a Half Men TV sitcom, it appears that the tank is really thinking.

I would kill to have his following on Twitter, Facebook and God only knows where else. He makes more money selling T-shirts in a month than we do working our butts off for a whole year. I didn’t really like the round table think tank group drinking gallons of coffee and smoking cigarettes like Mad Hatters, but you can’t argue with success. Maybe you really do need to act crazy to make your competitors go insane! I don’t know about you, but I could really feel the energy in that group – tiger’s blood you think?

I just knew Charlie had to be a tweaker, but I may have been way off base. Just because someone says that they are smarter than the whole show business group combined and can prove it, doesn’t mean they are crazy or doing drugs. Still, maybe, he is doing drugs, stoned crazy, super smart and still beating the Hollywood moguls at their own game! It could be that Sheen is an alien and just enjoying his visit here on earth; who knows? All I know is that he seems to be winning the war against the power people and I like that allot. God knows we mere mortals would like a little of that action.

I truly thought that Charlie Sheen had gone over the edge and was heading for a train wreck. Well, if what he is doing is a train wreck, I want to be in one too. I can’t remember even one actor ever sticking it to the Hollywood establishment like he is doing. Charlie is more popular now than ever before and it says volumes about his fans. I wonder if his think tank can help me become a bestselling author. I would even be willing drink coffee, act crazy and chug-a-lug tiger’s blood, but the cigarettes and whatevers are out!

OMG, I just saw the news piece on Charlie’s first live show in Detroit. It appears he blew it big time, and any chance that this blog could make sense is dashed. Crap – it turns out that Charlie Sheen is just a mere mortal after all. Oh, well…back to the drawing board. Move over Specter, Sheen is coming to share your cell…. Yikes!

I’m just saying,


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