Jumat, 09 April 2010

Evil in the Mirror

I thought I would pass on the latest news about my new mystery novel, Evil in the Mirror. We are getting close to publishing and I am like "a cat on a hot tin roof."

We are planning to do a book signing in Escondido, California during this year's reunion "Same Time Next Year" bash in August. (Maybe at the Round Table Pizza Saturday night?) The book will be out in June, so I can't wait for the 50th. reunion in 2011, the 49th. will have to do...the prodigal son returns sort of thing. I know, "vanity, vanity, all is vanity." I have the need to prove something I guess. My evil twin, Walt, and I were such screw-ups in high school, but we turned out OK in the end.

The following is the response from Wheatmark Publishing after I E-mailed the final revisions for the grabber and acknowledgements:

Right now you just hang out, enjoy the fabulous Arizona spring, and around the 17th. I’ll be sending you an interior and cover for your Author Proof Review: Stage 1.

After that, you’ll submit any corrections you have, we’ll make them, you’ll look over it again, you’ll submit corrections, rinse, repeat until perfect.

Once perfect, you’ll sign a Proof Approval Form giving me permission to release the book into the wild. Then three weeks later, you’ll have books in hand to annoy your friends and family with! It’s going to be sweet!

Kat E. Gautreaux

Wheatmark, Inc.

Yes, it is sweet, Ms. Kat, but the real work begins after the book is published. The whole process is exciting and worth every minute invested. Full speed ahead and damn the tomatoes!

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