Selasa, 06 April 2010

Pickles, the Evil Parrot

Why would I blog about my parrot, Pickles? Well, I thought because he is my writing companion, I should introduce him to my reading audience.

About five years ago, my wife wanted another parrot for her birthday. I was introduced to our first parrot, Albert (an Amazon Red killer bird who would remove an ear or lip just for kicks) when we married fifteen years ago. He was finally given away to an olds folks home Avery because he was becoming the same liability as owning a rabid Pit Bull.

When my wife requested the bird for her birthday, I thought, Oh, crap, here we go again. We found a small green, yellow and blue parrot and he cuddled up to wifey immediately. He was so cute, and appeared so tame, but at the same time, Albert was still fresh in my mind chasing me up the stairs as I screamed, "Sandy, come get this evil, damn bird before he extracts a toe!"

As it turned out, Pickles bonded to me. We take showers together, whistle and talk to each other and we just simply became, buds. He will tolerate wifey, but occasionally bites her just for kicks. He hates my daughter and mother-in-law with a passion. I frankly don't understand his attitude. Both these ladies are great and what's not to love?

While it is obvious that we have a perpetual two year old in the house, I can't imagine life without Pickles. At least I don't have to worry about grieving his loss. The little devil will surely outlive me!

I have decided to insert Pickles into my next murder mystery, Day Stalker. He will be living with Detective Jon Mull and his new...What am I thinking? You will have to read the book to find out what happens.


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