Senin, 19 April 2010

I want to be a Ghost Buster!

During high school, I hung around the usual nerd group reserved for not jocks and not so popular teens. We were not super beautiful or super handsome, sporting fab hair and no pimples. We were middle of the road normal, if you can call any teenager normal.

Some of this group would fade into obscurity, but some would developed into bright, shinning stars. Nancy Bradley is one of those stars...

I was reunited with Nancy at out 40th. high school reunion, along with others who had fled Escondido, California after graduation. Nancy migrated to northern California and became a Celebrity Psychic and International Paranormal Investigator. Even though I was not a believer in such stuff, I was fascinated with her journey from high school to TV, radio, writer of best selling books and renowned Psychic.

After the reunion, Nancy and I stayed in touch and she re-kindled my desire to write self-help books. She would send me her newest book and I would reciprocate with my newest small, self-published effort. Her knowledge and enthusiasm was contagious and soon I found myself wanting to write a murder mystery novel.

Nancy introduced me to Cat Noble, educator and a member of Nancy's Paranormal Investigations Team. With much help from both of these extraordinary women, I was able to write Evil in the Mirror which will be published next month. You can bet both these ladies are mentioned in my acknowledgements.

I just finished reading Nancy's new book, Be A Ghost Buster, for the second time and marvel at the her team's professionalism. I am especially thankful for their approach to things that go bump in the night. The reader is encouraged to make up their own mind as to the creditability of the content. I never liked being forced to believe in any subject or philosophy.

I think it would be great to travel the world looking for paranormal activities, especially with a group like Nancy's. I salute you dear friend...keep up the good work!


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