Selasa, 27 April 2010

Wheatmark Publishing

February of 2009, I started toying with the idea of writing and self-publishing two e-Books. Why I Ride Harleys and The Smoking Guardian Angel's Guide to Quit Smoking.

The journey from newbie writer to published author was long, tedious, expensive and filled with many pitfalls. Why? Because I tried to do it by myself with the Internet as my guide.

Half-way through the self-publishing ordeal with my e-Books, I decided to write a murder mystery. By this time I had learned many things from my mistakes and started researching Publish On Demand publishers or PODs. There were a lot of PODs on line and researching each and every one was time consuming and frustrating.

By the time I had finished my manuscript, I found Wheatmark Publishing almost by accident. Three things impressed me about Wheatmark during the research stage. One...they would pick up the promotional costs after 2,000 copies sold (Some critics said, "Good luck with that one!). Two...they were based in Tucson where the novel takes place. Three...the cost was far below their next competitor. As far as the "good luck with that one statement," I have faith in my novel and my goal is much higher than 2,000.

I called and was introduced to Atilla Vekony. Yes, that's his name and publishing is his game. Because they were a POD, I didn't expect the request to send my manuscript for approval. OMG, I hope it passes muster. When Atilla got back to me, he said the book was great and would I come to Tucson to discuss publishing Evil in the Mirror. After traveling to Tucson, I was so impressed with the office and staff, I signed up that very day.

Evil in the Mirror is scheduled to be published next month. We are almost through the Author Proof Review and it's been an exciting and rewarding journey. Thanks to Wheatmark's training programs and guidance, I am writing a sequel with the knowledge that it too will be published. That, my friends, take a real load off the author's mind.

Write on....


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