Jumat, 30 April 2010

Why Harley-Davidson

Native Americans call it “The Iron Pony”, a description well put. When you straddle the leather seat, there is a feeling not unlike when a cowboy mounts a wild horse at a rodeo. You know something awesome is about to happen, but you’re not quite sure what. Starting a hog for the first time is part of a love affair that will last forever. When that “Twin V” engine comes to life between your legs, you will have an idea of how that wild horse rider must feel.

Nothing on the planet sounds like a Harley. At an idle, it has a low chugging beat, slow and strong like a rhinoceros just before the charge. The weight and massiveness of the machine is deceptive, even a little intimidating. Your first thought is that if this bike falls, it’s all over but the crying. Oh, well, either ride it or sell it! Once you let the clutch out and start to move, magic happens. The ponderous, chrome hog becomes a graceful lady, responsive to your every touch. Each gear a different dimension to her character. Every mile per hour faster a study in stability.

You look at your companion riders in front, on the side and behind. A knowing smile spreads quickly. You are part of an American legend. Ride your “Iron Pony” into the sunset. A great adventure waits!

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