Sabtu, 08 Januari 2011

Here's The Deal

Our friends Lynne and Maurie are visiting Quartzsite, Arizona, from northern California for a month. They park their motor home on our lot with two wonderful dogs that never tire of chasing tennis balls. We met them last year for the first time and discovered that they were a delightful couple and looked forward to seeing them again this year. It’s not often you meet people who are intelligent, funny, and a bit quirky all at the same time in the right proportions.

Last year, Lynne ordered my book, Evil in the Mirror, after they had returned to California. Her report back to us was that she liked it very much. She then gave the book to Maurie, who isn't usually much of a reader, but he proceeded to read it too. Lynne again reported back to us that Maurie also liked the book. Well, when they arrived for their month-long visit this year, Maurie started praising the book beyond my wildest expectations. It was obvious from our conversations that they both had read the book and retained its contents. They remembered things I had forgotten!

Here’s the deal; as an author there is nothing better than praise and accolades concerning your work. It’s the fuel that keeps you writing when insecurity and doubt take the steam out of your sails. Praise coming from people like Lynne and Maurie only confirms to me that my passion for writing is not wasted or misguided. They both can hardly wait for the sequel, Day Stalker. I was hoping to have a copy for them, but I am still waiting for delivery. That’s OK though; I am sure when we come back here the end of the month we will have the book in hand.

Did I mention we have to go back home today? Damn, about the time things get really fun in Quartzsite, we have to go home. Oh, well, no worries; we will be back for a week soon and I will get to sign another book for our friends Lynne and Maurie. Life is good….

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