Senin, 31 Januari 2011

Reader's Oasis Books

Even though every talented author who attended the Oasis Books Author's Fair in Quartzsite, Arizona, last week would qualify for mention in anyone's blog, this blog is dedicated to the store's owner, Paul Winer. This venue is totally free of charge to the authors during the peak tourist season in Quartzsite. I know I plan to be back again selling my books the last week of February.

I would like to personally thank Paul for his wonderful hospitality and great sense of humor during the fair. Everyone there laughed and learned from one another, including Paul who makes more fun of himself than anyone else could. I respectfully called him “naked Paul,” and he just smiled and said, “True, so true.”

Book signings can be a stuffy and boring affair, but at Reader’s Oasis Books there is never a dull moment. From tourists who just cruise the parking lot hoping to see the mostly naked owner, to those who ask Paul for pictures taken with them so they can have bragging rights back home, he always steps up to the plate and never charges for posing.

I would like to add that Paul Winer is a talented musician, composer, poet, writer and storyteller. Paul will be on the Jay Leno Show in the spring. I will post the date as soon as it is announced. I for one will be watching and I don’t care how late it comes on!

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