Selasa, 04 Januari 2011

The Agent Trap

What kind of fool does the writing world take me for anyway? What do you mean, after my second murder mystery, I am still an unknown author? I refuse to be called a newbie writer any more. My name is Mr. Murder Mystery Writer to you!

Read this and learn, you snobbish, jack wagon agents who want money out front to promote me and my books--real agents work on commission. You help me to become successful and then, and only then, will you reap the rewards. Good God, Claude, I always had to work hard for my money, but now-a-days everyone on the Web tries to get paid first and then (maybe) work second. Nice work if you can get it. Well, you’re not getting it from me!

The above is just practice for when I start looking for a book agent. My friend Candace Bowser(Origins Vampire Trilogy) has been looking for an agent for some time and has some real horror stories. She finally found a site online that might be legitimate. Candace is running headfirst like a wild banshee into the dark world of agents trying to find someone who will help promote her fantastic books. I not only wish her well, but look forward to following her charge. If all I find is her dead and bloody ego lying along the dark wayside, I will make a fast retreat back into the light. No sense in both of us getting ripped to shreds.

You would think after all our trials and tribulations, newbie writers like Candace and I would just give up on becoming bestselling authors. Well, think again; we have yet begun to fight. I am working hard on the last book of my trilogy, and Candace has started a new book that will take her talent to a whole new level. I have read an excerpt and it has left me wanting more.

My hat is off to you, Candace, and to all the other fellow authors who just need a tiny crack in the wall at the newbie prison for first time authors. Look out when the wall is breached. Candace and I are coming out first at a dead run to bestselling status and we will take no prisoners!

Write on,


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