Selasa, 23 Maret 2010

Book Marketing

I found the Website above while researching venues in which to sell my murder mystery, Evil in the Mirror. The book will be available at Amazon in June. My publisher,, prefers selling on the Web with less dependency on brick and mortar sales, but also encourage their authors to explore other opportunities to sell books.

My personal Mission Statement: "When it comes to promotion, I will leave no stone unturned and there is no mountain to high to climb. My book will be a best seller, because I have delivered the best possible product to the reader."

I take ownership of promotional duties. The more venues in which I present the book, the better chance it has to sell. Exposure is the key and the world is the lock. That is not to say that having book signing parties at every major book through out the country is smart advertising, because it isn't smart or cost effective. But, having book signing parties at locations where I am known is smart and cost effective.

Every time I find a new Website that has a different slant to selling books, it is like finding a meteorite while prospecting in the desert...exciting to say the least!

Of course, I like to pass these nuggets on to new writers like myself. I have an abundant mentality, unlike some scarcity mentalities I bump into from time to time.

Enjoy, and keep on writing!


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