Kamis, 04 Maret 2010

Positioning your book for sales

Wheatmark Publishers presented a wonderful Webinar that helped me understand three things. The best places to position your book sales are AMAZON - FACEBOOK - TWITTER. Avoid MySpace at all costs. Not a problem, I don't have time for that site anyway.

Also the importance of researching your title was discussed at length. The best place to do that? You guessed it, the "hated amazon.com"! Amazon is very supportive of authors who want to research most media subjects. Also the importance of key words in your book title for Amazon was mentioned. My book Evil in the Mirror will now have a sub-title A Murder Mystery added. Murder mystery will be key words so Amazon searchers can find my book.

Another important point: Once your book is on Amazon, review every book in your category and give Amazon a five star review for each. This starts the process of getting your name recognized in the Amazon selling machine. Let's face it, they sell more books than anyone else on the planet!

Good luck fellow authors...

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