Rabu, 17 Maret 2010

So You Want To Be An Author?

Well, as promised, I finally got the suggested edits for my book Evil in the Mirror back from the publisher. And, as promised, no one said writing a novel was going to be easy! Oh, excuse me, I should not have used that exclamation mark after the word easy! Oh, crap, now I did it again...

Before I continue to rattle on, one thing is evident. Anyone who doesn't get their book professionally proofed and edited is an idiot (I was tempted to use the dreaded ! again). My first two small eBooks did not have the benefit of professional proofing or editing and they are beyond terrible. I finally pulled them off the Web. As for the boxes of eBooks in my garage, they will be given away for free at book signing parties for my novel. "You don't even have to buy my novel. Here, have two free eBooks.(tempted again)"

The moral to the story is simple...If you take the time to write it, take the time to have it proofed and edited by someone who does it for a living. Contact Kat Gautreaux at Wheatmark Publishing and she will lead you to someone who can do the job right the first time (God, please forgive me)!
You can reach Ms. Kat by clicking the title of this blog.

Questions? E-mail me at mittinc@commspeed.net

Don't agree with me? Then get off my site!!! There, I used them and it feels so good...

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