Senin, 08 Maret 2010

Do you believe in fate?

Fate drew me to Wheatmark Publishing and fate, through Wheatmark, drew me to Kris Neri, co-owner of the Well Read Coyote: Books on the Rocks in Sedona, Arizona. I read Kris Neri's article ( Authors Behaving Badly, on Wheatmark's blog (, but had no idea who Kris Neri was until I finished the article. I would like to state that the article was informative, right on target and selfish, rude authors should be spanked.

A day before I read the article, I had paid a visit to the Well Read Coyote seeking permission to have a local professional photographer take a couple of shots of me using the interior of the store as a backdrop. This picture and credit to the photographer (and the store) would appear on the back cover of my murder mystery novel Evil in the Mirror, being published by, none other than, Wheatmark Publishing and due to be released in May.

I was curtly rejected from taking pictures in "my store" after I mentioned the word Amazon "because they have done nothing for me." Please understand this was not the person who wrote the blog article. I can only assume it was the other co-owner. I was taken aback by the rudeness of this person, but politely said "thank you, anyway" and left the store with the local photographer, who was appalled.

I blame myself for failing to mention all the other places Wheatmark places books instead of mentioning the A word first. I find it interesting that the Neri blog puts down author rudeness with a hammer, but has little control over the same ugliness at their place of business.

Oh well, you can't win them all...I still liked the article and promise not to be one of those authors!

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