Kamis, 11 Maret 2010


I admit losing contact with Bob and Rheta Thompson was regrettable after we were together at our 40th. high school class reunion. What a great time we had reminiscing about Escondido High School. After the shindig, Sandy and I retreated to Arizona and Bob and Rheta headed back to Oregon. It wasn't until I started looking through my abandoned Rolodex that their names popped out like ghosts from the past. Holy smoley...it had been over nine years!

I needed to let everyone I have known, will know, or could ever know, about my murder mystery Evil in the Mirror (www.murdermysteryevilinthemirror.com) being published in June, and that's how I was reunited with my old friends. Of course, my fear that one or both could be dead kept me from calling for a whole day, until I finally got up the courage to call. Come to find out, not only they were alive, but their parents were too!

I sent them all the information about the book, my wife and I, and my evil twin brother who lives in Tucson. Now they too wait with baited breath for the book's release. I wonder how many other old and lost friends I will find while promoting the book?

Life is good, even with guilt...

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