Selasa, 15 Februari 2011

Recession Be Gone!

OK, enough is enough already.... I have consulted a Voodoo priest from Haiti and together we have put a hex on the recession. Don’t scoff at my approach; no one from our country seems to have the answer. The Democrats, Republicans and all in between seem to know only rhetoric, confrontation, lying, and infighting.

Here is my approach; voodoo dolls have been made to resemble each and every politician on Capitol Hill, along with a needle for each. When a politician starts to argue, “wham” we stick them with the needle in their groin! When a politician starts to lie, “wham” we stick them again! You get the picture and even though this technique is grim, extraordinary measures are needed in extraordinary times.

The Voodoo priest has assured me that no permanent damage will occur. This form of condition training is needed due to the length of time the politicians have been participating in duping the citizens of America. One can imagine that even with the thought of a lie, the groin reflex will stop the lie dead in the mouth of the perpetrator!

It won’t take very long and the politicians will finally get it. We all live in the same country and only by working together can we solve our current dilemma. Who knows, perhaps we could start on all the other problems that face our planet? Sometimes it takes a "boot" in the lower extremities to get us started.

I’m just saying,


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