Sabtu, 05 Februari 2011

Stop The Presses!

To help get the message out concerning my Tucson, Arizona, book signing of Day Stalker, February 12, at Hangover’s bar & grill at 22nd and Alvernon, I sent the Tucson Daily Citizen newspaper a press release. I was forced to e-mail the release to the person in charge of entertainment because there was no longer a specific address for press releases. The chances of it being printed are slim indeed.

I used to be able to send information concerning special events to any newspaper in the state and they would print a blurb. It seems that the industry is changing rapidly. No more free stuff – I suspect the economy and electronic media are the culprits. Soon you will be only reading the paper on a Kindle device or cell phones. What are we going to use for the bottom of our evil Meyer's parrot cage?

Like everything else; either keep up or drop out. I finally went online and put both murder mysteries in a Kindle format so folks could download and enjoy Evil in the Mirror and Day Stalker. We live in an electronic world and I am thankful that early on I stayed with the trend. Of course the young people are light-years ahead of me, but they are all headlong into video games, while I am trying to sell books to my peers. No competition there….

One thing does bother me; with my Website, blog, Twitter, Facebook and promotions, I have little time to write! There is a consolation prize though – every other author is dealing with the same dilemma. The author with the most electronic selling schemes wins the most fans!

Personally, I like tailgate selling. Everywhere I shop you can hear me asking the big question to anyone near me; “Do you like murder mysteries?” The majority either like them or know someone who does. I pass out business cards and many times sell books right on the spot. The best part is that everyone wants a signed book by a local author and they are willing to pay retail for the “autograph.” Little do they know the pleasure is all mine and I really hope they enjoy my books.

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