Rabu, 09 Februari 2011


I finally figured out what retirement is really about. You see when I was a young stud construction worker, not married, no kids, no responsibilities, and lots of cash, I thought life was so good. But, I started to feel guilty about multiple girlfriends, having fun, wild nights and not being in debt. My mother, God rest her soul, was constantly nagging at me to settle down and get married. My life was one Seinfeld show after another.

One day, in my infinite wisdom, I decided to follow my mother’s advice. There was no way for me to know that misery loves company and that married couples were all envious of single people and wanted singles to share in their misery. That’s why mothers and married folks are always nagging at singles to get married.

Well, I got married and joined the “happily married set.” Now, I’m not putting down marriage; my wife is the best in the west! What I wasn’t prepared for was going into debt because of children and many other responsibilities. So started my construction career with one goal in sight - work for forty some odd years, retire, and then do all the things I couldn’t do before because we couldn’t afford the expense. Of course, my wife had a more realistic vision of retirement. I know now why she didn’t share her views with me.

During my career, I was always envious of people with motor homes. Man, that was the way to travel while towing your car behind for transpo when you got to your destination. While we both still worked, we got that motor home and soon learned it was a money pit. I didn’t know they only got ten miles per gallon and that an oil change cost two hundred bucks! The older I got the more I realized it was really hard work just packing and unpacking the beast. After ten years and four motor homes later, you can find it permanently parked in Quartzsite, Arizona. We can’t sell it or afford to drive it, so it has become a winter home away from home - exactly what we like at this point!

All the things I thought I wanted to do in retirement were only realistic for a younger man. Hang gliding? Not!…surfing? Not!…scuba? Not!…Harleys forever? Not!…marathon? Hell not!…etc, etc, etc….I find myself wanting to spend quiet time with my wife and pets, or walking and riding our bikes. I like shopping to save money with coupons. Who would have ever thought that could be fun? The real fun things do not cost a lot of money. The studley Mittster is gone forever and a more gentle, caring and thoughtful person has surfaced. I like this person and what I see in the mirror. For the first time in my life, I see the real me. Getting older is like fine wine and I like the taste.

There is still some fire left in the old engine occasionally, and I can say with conviction, if you don’t like what you see, don’t look. The best part is that the youngsters who think older folks are worthless are heading to our place in time like a runaway freight train!

I’m just saying,


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