Minggu, 20 Maret 2011

Bringing Up Baby

Yes, we need to train our women
how to protect themselves early
in life, but this may be just a tad

While we are at it, how about teaching our sons
how to ice fish so they can survive in a catastrophe!

Baby carriers make excellent road warning cones....

Babies are all loaded up for the trip to the park.

It's such a beautiful day for a ride.
"Honey, this was such a great idea.
We can all have fun together!"

Now these folks are doing their part in the fight against global warming!

When you live in the big city, learning to drive at a very early age is a must....

Teach your children how it feels to sit in an
electric chair so they won't grow up to be felons.

It's OK to gamble as long as
baby can't see what you are

Technology, ain't it great!

" We are almost to WallyWorld, baby, hold on!"

"Daddy told me if I help carry his beer I can have a sip or twelve later!!"

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