Rabu, 23 Maret 2011

Tattoo Anyone?

Now is an excellent time to get that tattoo you have always wanted. My son, the tattoo artist, is pictured above left. I know it’s against company policy where you work and your job is all you have to pay the rent and buy food, which is about all your money buys now-a-days. To some, the only reason they haven’t gotten a tattoo is because it will hurt and they don’t deal with pain very well. To those I say, “Yes, it hurts, but that’s part of the challenge. Get off your butt and have an artist put something on your body that tells the world what you stand for.”

When I was a construction manager and had to meet with clients, you would have never guessed I had tattoos. I would make sure they were all above my short sleeve dress shirts. That way when I would ride my Harley on weekends, I could wear body shirts and show off my style of tattoos. Screw company policy; what they don’t know won’t hurt them. I even had a magnetic earring. Having a pierced ear with a dangly hanging was really against Standard Operating Procedures! I finally got up the nerve to get my ear pierced for real and never looked back. I finally realized that if women can have earrings in the work place, so can a man and to say we can’t is discriminatory. I only had to use that argument once, and it worked.

Why am I standing on the soap box about getting tattoos? Mainly because in today’s chaotic world where governments would have us reduced to nothing but numbers so they can keep track of us, I want to stand out a little. I want people to know that I am different. I’m not talking about full body coverage (that’s just not my thing), but instead, just enough art to let the world know where I stand. I finally got the sleeve tattoo (pictured right) I always wanted and I have never regretted it. There is now no question that I am unique among men…my tat says so.

There are some who have no desire to have their skin become a billboard and that’s OK, I respect the fact that it isn’t for everyone and that we have the right to choose. But, for those of you that have always dreamed of wearing permanent art, there is no better time than now because the economy is down and tattoo artists have to eat too. Therefore their work is less costly and that means a big savings to you. If you are ever in San Luis Abispo, California, go to Traditional Tattoos and let my son Jon give you the best tat you will ever see! Go ahead, take the plunge…do something just for you. You’re worth it!

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