Kamis, 17 Maret 2011


Imagine the world as one...perhaps now is the opportunity that the world has been waiting for….

I used to think that there were only two sides to the coin of life – good and evil, and good always triumphed over evil. I also believed that life was fair to those who worked hard and tried to live a good life. I was wrong on both accounts; life is not fair and good does not always triumph over evil. What is happening in Japan right now is an example of bad things happening to good people.

If we, as a world body, can stop pointing fingers, admonishing others, advocating Armageddon, blaming this disaster on the sins of man, preaching that it is God’s will, or the Devil’s will, or the terrorist’s will, shaking our fists that it was caused by global warming, and all the other rantings that are counterproductive and only serve to perpetuate fear and panic, then it is clear that this whole situation was triggered by a natural event. That event was a nine point earthquake – all the other disasters are the effect of that one, single event.

Should we reevaluate nuclear plants built on fault lines and near coastal areas prone to tsunamis? Absolutely, and post haste. Should we turn off all the nuclear plants in the world? No, the earth’s environment could not handle the increase of fossil fuel use; nor can the global economy handle the loss of energy. Should we put a moratorium on building more fission reactor power plants? Yes, we should until safe fusion reactors are a reality. Science is close to unlocking the safe power of fusion reaction. If we spent half as much money on perfecting fusion reaction as this one disaster in Japan will cost to clean up, we could be building those safe plants as we speak.

Is there hope for our planet? Of course, but there is only one catch. We must work together to solve our human problems, or the earth will go on without us. At this point, I am not too sure we deserve the chance….

I’m just saying,


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