Senin, 14 Maret 2011

Everything Else Seems Irrelevant Today

Everything in Camp Verde, Arizona, seems irrelevant today. I was lying awake at two a.m. this morning thanking God for our little house, food in a refrigerator that actually works, and cars in the carport that have gas and are able to be driven somewhere if need be. I was also thankful for an outside temperature of fifty one degrees and clear skies with stars shining bright.

The news from Japan, and other world events, always make me realize just how fortunate we are to be living in America, and how that fortune could change in an instant if a ten point earthquake on the San Andreas Fault in California or somewhere else in our country were to happen. God only knows how many nuclear plants and/or dangerous laboratories dot the landscape just in California, let alone the rest of the country. I really don’t want to know….

I am personally compressing happiness into what is happening each minute of every day, instead of worrying about what happiness I might have tomorrow, next week or next year. We need to grab each second of life and enjoy it while we can. Hold every loved one close and never let go, especially our children and the elderly. Grasp at love like it is being ripped from your heart, because you never know when your true love will be taken from you.

In these days of great sorrow for the people of Japan, I rejoice in the knowledge that the rest of the world has an opportunity to come together as human beings in love and understanding. Let’s not miss this chance to correct those things which threaten not just one country, but all countries on the planet. Let us work in earnest to put aside our religious, political and ethnic differences; after all, our survival as a species depends on it. This fact should be evident to all peoples of the world.

A global catastrophe could easily blast civilization back to the Stone Age in the blink of an eye. I do not believe the human race has come this far just to be eliminated from the scheme of things on planet earth. Our salvation will come from how we treat each other and the power of our science. We are on the cusp of great scientific breakthroughs which have the potential to bring mankind out of the dependency of using fossil and nuclear fuels. I am sure these discoveries will come none too soon.

In the near term, I am sure the world community will do its part in Japan’s recovery. In the meantime, let’s stop slinging mud at each other here at home and try to make our vulnerable areas safer for when the “Big One” hits our shores…which it will someday.

I’m just saying,


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