Jumat, 11 Maret 2011

Tidal Wave

One thing Japan doesn’t need (or anywhere else for that matter) is a monster earthquake and a corresponding tidal wave. My heart goes out to the Japanese people during this catastrophe. The loss of life and property will be enormous and I hope all free countries of the world will help with the recovery.

I know the doomsday weirdoes will jump on this story like the plague and start ranting and raving about the apocalypse, when, in reality, one only has to study about the Pacific ring of fire to understand why large earthquakes occur in the region. Thank God for the extensive tsunami warning system in the Pacific Ocean which has enabled officials to warn Hawaii and other places of the impending tidal wave. Indonesia did not have a tsunami warning system in place in the Indian Ocean when devastating 100 foot waves killed hundreds of thousands without warning in 2004.

I use to be a surfer in my youth, but now, the ocean scares me senseless. It’s not that tidal waves didn’t happen in the ‘60s, they did, but we just didn’t hear about them. I remember surfing some incredible 20 foot surf at Wind & Sea in La Jolla, California; maybe it was made possible by an earthquake in Japan. I wonder if the surfers are waxing their boards in Hawaii right now. I bet they are – idiots!

I’m just saying,


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