Kamis, 24 Maret 2011

More WallyWorld Madness

Desecrating our flag should be a felony!

Not everyone can afford to get
married in Vegas you know!

I do not want to meet this lady in the men's room.

Don't these bimbos know that the real Jerry Garcia is dead?

Decedents of Genghis Khan...there goes the neighborhood!

I was going shopping until I saw this donkey
and bull show getting ready to go inside WallyWorld.

I told my wife that her mother was to old to be driving, but no...she wouldn't listen!

Flesh colored fanny pack and a tattoo...what more could you want in a woman?

OMG, please say it ain't so...a WallyWorld Lego Edition? Is nothing sacred anymore; my kids grew up playing with Legos! Who am I kidding, it was probably one of my kids who designed this thing....

Disclaimer: If any of these people, places or events resemble you...own up to it!

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