Rabu, 09 Maret 2011

Colorado Memories

A lot has happened since this fantastic motorcycle ride to Colorado in 2006. The world went into deep recession, Bernie Madoff raped and plundered the stock market, home foreclosures devastated the housing market, I and millions of others were laid off, and to make matters worse, I sold my Harley so I could write and publish murder mysteries.

Don’t get me wrong, selling the Harley was my choice. Construction was dead, and writing had become my new passion. I managed to write, Evil in the Mirror ,much to the surprise of everyone, including myself. My second book, Day Stalker, was published in January of this year. Both books have five star reviews and hopefully they will, someday, start selling in mass quantities. Of course, that is the dream of all newbie authors.

While walking the dogs yesterday, it was obvious that spring was coming to Arizona. The sky was deep blue, sun warm, and the sounds of singing birds filled the air. I heard the unmistakable roar of a Harley-Davidson in the distance and riding memories immediatley flooded my mind as I looked toward the snow-capped San Francisco Peaks jutting high above Flagstaff. This, in turn, reminded me of Harley trips to the high country of Colorado that my brother, Walt, son Jay and his wife, Shannon, and others made every August. Our group was always small so that we could enjoy the wonders of the majestic Rocky Mountain Range without the confusion of a large group.

God, I miss the fresh, pine-scented air assaulting my senses like fine, imported wine. The cold wind in my face intoxicated me with its aroma, while the sun felt warm and inviting. Sometimes I would have to refocus on riding the curvy mountain roads as if coming out of a sublime hypnosis. It would not be good to get too enchanted by the mountain’s siren lure; the bottoms of the canyons are thousands of feet below.

They say that motorcycles are addictive – I know this to be true, because I am still withdrawing from riding’s spell. It’s all good though, because as long we are alive we must follow the paths we choose, and my new path is one of excitement, challenge and extreme gratification when a book in finished. And, it’s OK to fall back into the siren’s spell for a time and ride into the sunset "on" fantastic memories.

Write on,


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