Minggu, 13 Maret 2011

USS Ronald Reagan

It must be of great comfort to the Japanese people to see the mightiest war ship on the planet docked in their harbor, knowing that the ship is there to use its awesome power of death to bring about the power of life. What they don't see is the strike group that always accompanies the carrier a short distance offshore. This group constitutes the most deadly arsenal afloat or beneath any ocean and stands ready to be of assistance to Japan in their time of need, and to let other countries know it is unwise to think of any aggression while Japan is on its knees.

I liken the deployment of the USS Ronald Reagan to the starship USS Enterprise orbiting around a Federation planet preparing to help them in their time of need. It may be an unrealistic comparison, but it does illustrate the dual purpose of every branch of our military. They (the military) are not warmongers always looking for an excuse to wage war, but instead, they are men and women who understand what a fragile world we live on and the horror of leaders who would try to rule our world through fear, torture, and death.

As I sit here pondering the fate of the Japanese people, reactor meltdowns, global health and financial repercussions, the picture of the USS Ronald Reagan in Japan’s port gives me reassurance and comfort also. I have had the honor of being a guest aboard the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vincent while my daughter served in the Navy. I came away from that “Tiger Cruise” amazed at the dedication of our young men and women who serve our country. They are ready and willing to serve not only in war, but in a humanitarian role as well, just like they are now doing in Japan.

Would you and I volunteer to go to Japan right now considering the dangers from radiation and disease? I freely admit I would rather just send money. The men and women aboard the ships of the strike force understand very well the risks they are now facing, as do the many volunteers from other countries that are there to help find survivors. A risky business indeed…and that is an understatement!

While I dare not think of the global impact this disaster could have on the rest of the world, I must admit the spirit of the Japanese people is inspirational. While I sit here worrying about my future, the people of Japan are digging in and starting to repair their country. Even though they know that thousands of their countrymen have perished, the one and only goal is to rebuild. Let us all pray that nuclear radiation does not prevent that from happening. If the unthinkable should happen, our home is open to as many of our Japanese friends as will fit….

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